The Food Dare- Book Review

Happy Thursday y’all!  It certainly has been a busy week here on the blog and in my day to day life!  I am loving the weather this week after dealing with several days of rain from hurricane Patricia at the tail end of last week and over the weekend!
As the end of the month approaches I want to share with you all a fabulous resource I was able to use over the last 30 days (plus a few when I missed a few days) that reinforced healthy habits.
Thanks to my partnership with FitFluential I was given the chance to review a book by a fellow ambassador.  The Food Dare is a book by Lindsey Banks of Fit Life Pursuits.

*As always, I am thankful for the opportunity to review items and receive compensation for my work.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own!*

So what is The Food Dare? Well, it is a 30 day challenge that can work for anyone who is desiring to life a healthier life style.  The dare is broken down into 3 phases, and each phase is broken down into small daily tasks that promote health and well living!  Each day explains the healthy step, why it is important for your body and questions to reflect on how the task went.
Before you begin the dare you have the opportunity to make take measurements and take record of how you feel about certain areas of your life.  It is great to see the starting point compared to the ending point!

Phase 1- all about water! I personally loved this phase, and for me, it wasn’t much of a challenge.  The Hubs joined me on some of the challenge days and he enjoyed the water days too!  He has  went to drinking all water over the past few months and he has seen how it has increased his health and energy!  If you struggle with water this phase would be a great beginning point for you!

Phase 2- Color- adding more nutritious fruits and veggies to our lifestyle. I have always enjoyed eating fruits and veggies.  This phase reinforced that in me and also reminded me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and new ways to prepare and eat them (especially the veggies).
Eating the right number of servings, and ensuring what you are eating counts as a serving were great points that I don’t always think about! And a wonderful way to get in more veggies is in a smoothie!  In the book Lindsey adds some smoothie recipes that are delicious!

Phase 3- Clean- Focusing on where food comes from that we put in our body!  This phase seemed to go perfectly after phase 2.  Once you get a handle on adding in more fruits and veggies, the other food you eat can be evaluated and removed if it doesn’t add nutritional value to your life! Always an eye opener (good or bad) to record a food log and see all that you are consuming.
Along with eating and drinking for your health, managing stress and sleep are also vital! My biggest challenge during this challenge was getting enough sleep! My goal for the month of November is to really crack down on that and get better sleep!

The Food Dare
I give this book 2 thumbs up, and a high five to Lindsey.  She broke down healthy habits into small tasks that just about anyone would be able to finish!  Weather you are starting out on a health journey, have been on the journey for a while.  It is super easy to read and who doesn’t like checking off a fun calendar when tasks are complete!

Not only does Lindsey have this awesome book, but she also has support groups that you can join if you feel like you need a little extra boost to get yourself going!

The Food Dare is different because it focuses on creating a lifestyle transformation.
There are no gimmicks, no quick-fix schemes that won’t last, no diet pills or powders.
Unlike other programs or diets where you feel hungry and deprived of the foods you love, The Food Dare will teach you how to choose real food that is satisfying, delicious, and nutritious.
Get ready to stock your fridge!

What are you waiting for!  Nov 1 is just around the corner and a perfect time to start the dare as we head into the holiday season. It is always the right time to make steps to a healthier and happier you!

I hope you join the Food Dare and make changes for your healthiest self yet!


Side note- All images used in this post were given to my by Lindsay with permission to use them.

4 thoughts on “The Food Dare- Book Review

  1. Farrah (@fairyburger)

    Water is unfortunately a huge challenge for me (as evidenced by my currently cracked lips–it hurts to smile! ;_; I will go drink more water, haha. ._.). I love the sound of this book, and am super happy that it focuses on making healthy lifestyle changes vs. “quick fixes” that don’t actually work! :]

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      You are not alone! Water is a huge challenge for so many!
      I actually have alarms several times a day in my phone to remind me to get some H2O!
      Yes! Small changes make great habits and lead to a healthier lifestyle!
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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