Texas 10 Series, Katy race recap!

Happy November y’all!
October ended and November began with rain! And lots of it!  At least we didn’t have a hurricane this weekend like we did last weekend!
Anyways, I actually took advantage of daylight savings time and I went to bed early.  Well really early so I could get up at 4:15am on Sunday!
I first woke up at 2 and was all ready to wake up! I mean, it was 5 solid hours of sleep! More than I usually get.  I was able to fall back asleep for almost 2 hours.  Now we are talking! 7 hours of sleep! Yahoo!!!  I got all ready and waited for my ride!

I was doing the race with 2 awesome ladies I met through MRTT.  Kala was so sweet and offered to pick me up and drive!  She arrived a little after 5 and we headed to pick up Charissa.  It was a little bit of a hike down to to the race and we also needed to hit up a Starbucks on the way.  We did a little detour to get some coffee and made it to the race site at 6:15.  It was perfect timing! Right after we parked tons of cars came pouring in!  Kala quickly went and picked up our race packets!

When it was close to race time we headed for one last bathroom break and then the start line.  The sky was NOT looking good!  This pic doesn’t really do justice!  It was sprinkling at the time but it looked like the sky was about to open up and POUR!

We had all signed up to run the 10 mile race but I had already made a decision that I was going for the 5 mile race due my hip issues.
Everyone lined up for the start and they played the National Anthem.
Then it was go time.  Since I am a slower runner I stayed at the back of the pack.  I said bye to Charissa and Kala and we were off.
The first mile was alright.  I was trying to get my music to work correctly.  I had put my phone in my SPI belt under my shirt to help protect it from the rain. So trying to get to my phone while running and dodging people was oh so fun.  I finally got it on and tried to find my rhythm.  I could feel my hip slightly start to tighten up and I reminded myself I am here to just have fun and finish.
Mile 2 I felt like I started to find my groove a little bit.  I was running in the midst of several running groups. We were all doing run/walk intervals and would pass each other back and forth.  It was sprinkling lightly but nothing too bad.  My music was going and my intervals were pretty consistent.  I tried using my HRM for pacing but it wasn’t reading my HR correct.  It was fluttering between 70-84 BPM.  I know I have a good, strong heart, but when I am running my HR is in the 150s! So that was a bust (Note to self: Get HRM fixed ASAP)!!
When I got to the start of mile 3 I really felt my hip tighten a lot!  Ugh, I really was hoping to keep my interval pacing up for the whole race.  I slowed down a little and walked a little more.  As evidence of my pace for that mile, it was slower than I had been going.
When I saw the mile 3 sign I new I was going to make it with my intervals.  I kept putting one foot in front of the other and turned the music up just a bit.  I knew I was off for my time goal but that is ok!
As I was running a group of ladies passed me (once again) and one was encouraging the others to keep going.  A different lady slowed down and told her group that she was going to take it easy.  No one was going to care about her race time when she was gone from this earth and that she wanted to enjoy the run.  It reminded me to refocus my mind and just be grateful that I can do this!
When I broke my foot in college and had to have surgery to repair it, spend 10 weeks in a wheel chair and even longer in a cast I didn’t know this would be possible again.  And when my dr told me that I wouldn’t run again, I was pretty crushed.  So here I am, many thousands of miles later and I am running.  No matter how fast or slow I am, I am still defying the odds!
Mile 5 felt pretty good!  I knew the end was in sight and even if I had to walk, I was less than 20 min from the finish line!  I kept on trucking.  I chatted with a girl a few times when we were in the same place on our intervals.  Part of me wanted to run with her, but I was also really anxious to be finished.  The wind was picking up and I could feel the rain starting to fall harder.  I kept trucking along and I realized the finish line was just around the corner.
One thing I do well is finish races strong! And that is what I did! I was in a bit of pain, and was tired but I dug down deep and crushed the finish!!!  I am not a fast runner by ANY means, but an 8:11 min/mi pace to the finish was pretty good for me!
Overall it was a so-so race.  The course wasn’t too bad, but not very wide. I had to dodge walkers a lot when I was running.  I don’t know if others know it is common to pull off to the side when you are walking during the race.
Anyways, I found my girls who also had a rough 3rd mile! Man, something about that mile!
We headed to the car and not long after we were driving home did the rain POUR down!  We were thankful we were finished!
We did it!
Thank you Kala and Charissa for a fun day!  Hope the weather and my hip are both better next time!

After I arrived home from the race it was time for an ice bath and a nap!

17 thoughts on “Texas 10 Series, Katy race recap!

  1. HoHo Runs

    I just love defying the odds stories. How wonderful you are running, despite what the docs said years ago. The lady was so right. No one is going to care about our races times. It’s a good reminder just to have fun doing what you love to do. That medal is huge! We don’t typically get medals around here for anything less than a half marathon. That would be a nice surprise! I hope your hip gets better soon. I appreciate you linking up with us today and I hope you’ll make it a habit!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m so thankful I am able to run 🙂
      Love good reminders during races!
      Something about Texas, everything is bigger here!
      About 90% of the races I have done here (5ks-half marathons) have given out medals. It’s a nice gesture of the race groups!
      I hope my hip is better soon too! 11 months since it went all wonky! I’m ready for it to be healthy!
      I hope to link up again too!

  2. Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com

    Whoa, look at that bling! That is huge! I hate you had hip issues but hey you pulled it off. What an inspiring story about your foot! You have such a great attitude and you can tell you are having fun!!! Thumbs up for great running friends too! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week and I do hope you will join us again!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Love me some bling!! This race series has great bling! One reason signing up is so motivating!
      Oh this hip! I know it could be worse but I’m ready for it to be better!
      Thank you! Love my running friends! They are the best!
      I’m glad I found y’all! Will link up again soon 🙂

  3. Rachel @ RachelMcMichael.com

    Oh man – hope your hip is feeling better!! I love the way you share the details – I feel like I was running right alongside you {except I’m not getting pelted by rain and didn’t have to physically overcome the third mile hurdle!}. Great pace and so glad you had a great time!!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thank you!! Me too! It’s been on and off wonky since last Dec! Buggers!
      Aww thank you! I try to make my recaps detailed enough to be interesting but not so long that they bore ya!
      Oh that third mile!! I was telling my husband that after mile 3 I could have run for days! I’ve got to work on that mental side of running!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. runawaybridalplanner

    You say your not a fast runner, but I’d say those are some pretty great paces!
    Congrats on your race, it sounds like you had a pretty good time, aside from dodging the walkers:). Although I am sorry to hear about the hip pain, hope you can get that healed up quick! That’s actually a pretty good looking medal too!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thank you so much! One of my running strengths is finishing strong and quick! Now to have that pace for the whole race 😉
      I hope this hip pain is over soon. Almost a year of struggling with it has been no fun! Thankful I can still run and be active though!
      This race series has some pretty sweet medals!

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    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thank you so much! That is the reason I do sprint drills! Finish strong and quick! 🙂
      The hip is a bit better today, but hasn’t been 100% since last Dec! Ready for it to be back to normal!!


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