THANKSgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  It is my hope and prayer that you were able to celebrate today with the ones you love!  I know this time of year is not always one that brings good memories for everyone.  I have had my share of Thanksgiving days over the years that I do not care to remember.
This year I am choosing to focus on the good times.  As the Hubs and I drove to meet up with some of his family today, I drove passed the hospital where he spent over 2 weeks in 2013 with major heart surgery.  I busted him out on Thanksgiving eve that year.  It was a tough time, but I am OH so thankful we were driving BY the hospital and not TO the hospital today.  I said a prayer for all those who are in the hospital or not with their loved ones today.

You may have noticed I have been a little more absent on the blog the past few weeks.  Part of me wants to apologize, but I know that I taking some time to refocus and make some shifts in my life.  The Hubs and I are embarking on some new journeys (more coming when the time is right), and as that happens I feel I need to scale back in some areas of life and refocus my time and energy to others.  I am still going to be here as I work out the ever changing balance in this life that I am living!

So I will leave you with some of the memories that I/we have been making!

Delightful time with friends celebrating their wedding and start to a fantastic and blessed marriage!

Date night in!  So fun! (More about this soon!)

Always fun making turkey art!

And baking cookies!


And spending time with my family!

Much love from our home to yours!


7 thoughts on “THANKSgiving 2015

  1. fitballingrunningmom

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    2 years ago-we were that family IN the hospital as mom had developed water in her lungs post triple bypass surgery. So thankful indeed that we are able to spend Thanksgiving with her and the rest of our family.

    Enjoy and blessings on your endeavors.

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