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Hello friends!
It is a the start of a fresh week and a fresh month!  Wow, I can’t believe that January is already over!  I had some goals to accomplish last month but they just didn’t happen.  Struggling with insomnia the first 2 weeks was a bit rough, and then getting sick the last 2 weeks really put things on hold.  But that is life, and what can I do.  Getting myself back to full health has been the goal.  I did manage to get some workouts in last week.  For any of you who do Body Pump can we just groan in misery?? This new release is tough!  I managed to get in 3 classes last week and I have to say that today I did feel a little stronger, but more about that coming on Wednesday!

A little recap of the month
– Ran 31 miles (WAY under my goal, but considering the month I will take each mile!!)
– Participated in body pump, Zumba, and piyo classes
– Created/tried some new recipes (Gluten free pizza, Scottish porridge, taco soup, and black bean soup)

– Got creative in the kitchen and made my own organic deodorant and a massive batch of organic sugar scrubs

– Had lots of fun adventures with all my nanny kiddos
– Celebrated 2 years as a Sweat Pink Ambassador

– Got a new car battery on the way to mailing a bunch of fun packages!

– Had a fun zoo adventure with the Hubs and some friends

– Was blessed to get to see 2 of my college girls that I was an RA for back in the early 2000s!
– Finally put up our posters from our 2015 travels
– Was reminded of how fragile life is and to not take anything or person for granted!

– And prepare for the Hubs birthday!!

As I look back on January, I am even more determined to kick some booty on my Feb goals! Here are just a few of them to start

  • Run 75-100 miles
  • 2-3 BP classes, 1-2 Zumba classes and 1-2 Piyo classes a week
  • Blog 4-5 times a week
  • Continue to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Follow my meal plan (already off track…so will try again tomorrow)
  • Study 30-60 min each night
  • 30 min of organizing each night (on the days I am not traveling)
  • Celebrate the Hubs ALL month!
  • Make homemade Valentine’s Day cards and mail
  • Continue listening to the Daily Audio Bible and reading She Reads Truth!
  • Pay off 1 more acct
  • Get email accts down to less than 100 each (over 8000 now..)
  • Start Etsy page

How did your January turn out? What are some of your goals for the next month?

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!


Be filled with joy and health!