Daily Archives: February 19, 2016

Hard Week…

Hello friends. I’m normally not a grouchy girl, but these past 2 weeks have been just plain hard.

It began last Monday with a phone call from my husband saying our water heater exploded and basically flooded 1/3 of our house. Thankfully our landlord was able to come over right away and replace the water heater while The Hubs cleaned up the mess. We lost a rug in the process. It was a pain to deal with, but I’m so thankful The Hubs was home between meetings! 

As we were eating dinner that same night we received a phone call that our sister-in-law had a heart attack and was in a coma. 

A ton of other junk has happened in the last 12 days with other friends and family stuff (surgeries, relationship drama, hip still giving me issues, insomnia, etc.). Just too much to hash out here and now. 

We were able to The Hubs a last min ticket out to LA so he’s able to help his brother and family out. The news about our SIL is not good, and unless a miracle happens soon, we will be losing her 😦 

Taking today off from Foodie Friday to process all that has been happening. 

I will be back to posting in a few days. 

We love you Iris!