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Workout update

So, apparently today is Thursday!  Haha…I was thinking all day yesterday that it was Tuesday!  It is spring break week so my schedule has been different and has me all thrown off!
So here I am sneaking in a bit of a training update from the past week!
When I posted my workout goals last week I totally forgot this was spring break so I had some changed to my schedule! It all worked out a-ok though!  I am happy to have been able to try some new classes and I signed up for another race!

Past week shenanigans
Thursday- Body pump
Friday- Piyo
Saturday- Recovery walk
Sunday- More walking
Monday- Body pump, then switched gyms and caught the last 20 min of a piyo class before Zumba.  I have been working on improving my chest weight and I am happy to say I did the past few classes with a heavier weight!
Tuesday- I finally got to try the BootyBarr class, and it was TOUGH!  Then I shook things out with a body combat class
Wednesday- Did a piyo class and then a St Patties Zumba party! It was SO much fun!

Coming up
Thursday- Body pump and yoga
Friday- Walk/run
Saturday- Body pump & possibly piyo
Sunday- Run 3 miles
Monday- Attempt my 3 classes again- Body pump, piyo and zumba
Tuesday- Zumba & bike
Wednesday- Body pump and yoga

I really can not believe that March is already half over! This year is FLYING by.  I need to reevaluate my goals and see if I am on track with them.  🙂

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Be filled with joy and health