Hello friends!
Whew, the past 2ish weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind!  It seems like the few times I have been sitting down has been to drive (and there has been plenty of that going on). My computer and/or WordPress have also been giving me issues, so this is my 4th time attempting this post!  So here goes!

I really can not believe it is the end of March!  This year is literally FLYING by!
Life has been busy of course, but with many fun things mixed with the ups and downs.

The kids and I had a fun spring break and Easter break!

We celebrated St Patties day with lots of green and even my zumba class celebrated with lots of green 🙂

The kids were so proud of their recent race that we made bling holders!  They did awesome with their decorating 🙂

I got to practice some more *pinterest* hairstyles!

We dyed some Easter eggs and then I did some at my house too 🙂

We met some friends at the zoo and had a blast!

I had some good workouts and I got to see a little photo action of how I end a race full steam ahead!

I had some fun making delicious foods, and even broke in my ice cream maker this past weekend!

I had some nice naps which has helped me make it through the day even with my sleep issues.

I have been working hard to continue working on improving my health (mostly thyroid and sleep issues) with more natural products!  So far so good, so we shall see!

I was honored to be a part of my sweet friend’s adorable baby shower and I even won a cute manicure kit prize 🙂

I don’t normally post a lot of pics of myself, but I actually wore my hair down for the baby shower, and here is the proof!  LOL

With all the fun times came a kind of cruddy weekend.  The Hubs got injured so we ended up spending most of Saturday here and then he has had several other appts this week to figure out what is going on with his arm.  So far they were able to rule out a fracture.  Hope the MRI he had today was able to see the issue and we find resolution STAT!  Poor guy has been in a lot of pain and can’t so much since he is currently in a splint brace with his dominant right hand!

That is pretty much a wrap up of the last 2ish weeks!

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!

Come and join the fun if you have a wrap up to share!


Be filled with joy and health!

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