Happy birthday little man! 

On this day 11 years ago I became a proud auntie!  It has been a joy-filled ride!
From the day I got to meet this little man, my heart was swept away! You have grown into such a caring, loving, intelligent, humorous, and talented young man!  Auntie E and Uncle W love you very much!

Getting on a plane to fly to see Joshua for the first time!


First family photo

one of my FAV pics of J


He loved that orange!Joshua206741_503397750905_7036_n
Loving on his sister


Learning to ‘drive’ img_9093

Another fav!


The sisters have multiplied!

hide and seekJoshua1430_507925886485_3571_n


Strong boy!


Handsome and cool!img_9096

Happy happy birthday sweet boy!  Love you so much! Thank you for making me Auntie E!!!!

Be filled with joy and health!

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