Weekly Wrap & Spring Rolls

Hello there friends!
It is a beautiful day and I am so happy the sun is shining!  Springtime in TX can be hit or miss with the weather, as I guess it is all over the country right now…Big hugs to all who had a revisit from winter.

The past week FLEW by!  I got to hang out with some of those I love the most in the middle of all the going here, there and everywhere.
The hubs is still in a lot of pain from his hand injury.  We found out it is not fractured, but are still waiting on the MRI results from a few days ago.  It has been really challenging to only use his left hand and I know he is ready for it to all feel better!

I had a fun time trying out these Hemp Heart bars last week! So delish and perfect for my on-the-go days!

One of the exciting adventures the kids and I did was get a car wash! They LOVE sitting in the car and taking in all the action! The soap looked really pretty too in the one we went to.

After letting my hip rest after my last race I did a little run to see how it was feeling.  It was SLOW,but felt ok for the most part.  Next race is on Saturday, so we shall see how it goes!

I started an ab challenge for the month of April with one of my fitness instructors…Let’s just say OUCH!  But I can feel my abs getting stronger, so yay for that!

I got to spend the weekend with my Texas family!  They rock and we had a TON of fun together.  I don’t think I have played SO many games of candy land in 1 weekend…ever!
I got to practice more braiding!  I like how it turned out 🙂

Overall it was a great week!  I slowed down on some of my workouts to focus on a few other areas…aka my office and my Etsy page (coming soon!!) Hopefully both of those things will be finished soon!  I keep joking with the Hubs that I will finish my office just in time for us to move to a new house..HAHA

Here is my little spring roll recipe that some of you have asked about!

Spring Rolls

  • Rice paper wraps (I found them in the asian food area of my grocery store)
  • grilled chicken, shredded
  • Veggies chopped into long slices ( I used peeled cucumbers, red peppers, and avocados)


  1. Get a large plate and add a layer of warm water.
  2. Place one rice sheet in the water for about 15-12 seconds, making sure the entire sheet gets damp.
  3. Place the rice sheet on a paper towel and blot off the water.
  4. Next place the rice sheet on a clean plate.  Add in what fillings you desire.
  5. Take the bottom of the paper and cover up the fillings, tucking in the end under the fillings.  Fold in the left and the right side.  Roll it up to have the top cover the rest of the roll.  Here is a pic in case that didn’t make sense…
  6. Enjoy alone or with my peanut sauce.


I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!

Come and join the fun if you have a wrap up to share!

Be filled with joy and health!  

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap & Spring Rolls

  1. Tricia @MissSippiPiddlin

    I take it you are holding a plank? Your pictures look like mine. I do not know how to look relaxed while doing one even in the first few seconds. I’d say you mastered it! Thanks for linking up with us Esther

  2. HoHo Runs

    It’s great to hear your hip is feeling better after a little rest. I need to work more on my abs. I do plank some, but that’s about it. Oh, how I remember those games of Candyland. Fun! I’ve never tried making my own Spring Rolls but I do enjoy them. Good luck on your race Saturday. Thanks for linking with us Esther.

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