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Hello from a very wet Texas!! It has been a crazy week so far with the weather! We got some massive storms on Sunday evening and all day Monday! Lots and lots of flooding, schools closed, and people & animals having to be rescued!  It is pouring down rain again…and we really just don’t need any more! Prayers appreciated for all of Houston!

Other than the rain, things have continued to be pretty busy!  I have been dealing with some hip issues again, so I have scaled way back on my workouts to try and get it settled down again!  One thing I was able to do was participate in a 5k 2 weekends ago!  I really was honored to be a part of this race!  I found out about it through my MRTT group and I am so glad they posted about it!
On April 9th I woke up at 5 am to get ready to drive down into Houston and to run for a cause that is very close to my heart.

It was a bit of a humid day and with my hip acting up I really just focused to thinking of and praying for the victims of human trafficking.  The race went pretty well considering the humid weather and the hilly course.   The theme of the race was superheros, and they had a costume contest for the runners.  During the race I even saw 2 guys dressed as a camel.  As I ran I prayed for the victims and also for the captors to have a change of heart and to stop doing what they are doing.  I glanced at my phone a few times to see my pace.  I almost had negative splits for the race but got stopped at a red light for a minute near the end of mile 2 which took away that from happening.  Overall it was a pretty good race.  Small, but very active.  The course was along the bayou with lots of wildflower blooming.
I am def planning to do this race again next year (hopefully with many more friends) and also get more involved with Free the Captives until then!


Human trafficking is a TERRIBLE injustice that continues to happen in our world.  I have to admit that when I first heard about it a few years back, I really did not know just how much of it happened here in the USA!!  The more I found out about it, the more shocked and heartbroken I felt! Since Houston is a city with ports, international airports and many highways, it is actually a very well known hub for trafficking.  There is an estimated 27-30 million(!!!!) people enslaved in human & sex trafficking!  For me, 1 is too many. I can hardly wrap my head around that number.  Personally, I think the number is higher.  It isn’t something that is counted as easily as other statistical data.
Here is some data I was able to find (Source: Texas Human Trafficking Fact Sheet)

International Human Trafficking Statistics:
•10-30 million modern day slaves exist in the world today.
The majority of the reports consulted for the purposes of this fact sheet estimate that the number is around 27 million people with several respected analysts estimating the number to be much higher.
•After drug trafficking, human trafficking is tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world today – and is considered the fastest growing – generating $32 billion a year! {There is SO much wrong with this statement}
•$15.5 billion is generated in industrialized countries alone.
•The estimated financial cost of forced labor (compared to free employment) is $21 billion a year.
•12.3 million adults and children are in forced labor world wide.
•The International Labor Organization estimates that for every 1 victim of sex trafficking there are 9 victims of labor trafficking worldwide. However, sexual exploitation (79%) is by far the most commonly identified form of trafficking in persons, followed by forced labor (18%).
•In 2011, 42,291 victims of human trafficking were identified worldwide. Of that number only 7,909 cases were prosecuted and resulted in only 3,969 convictions.
•In 2011 there were 15,205 labor trafficking victims identified resulting in only 278 convictions.
•In 2006 there were only 5,808 prosecutions and 3,160 convictions throughout the world, which means for every 800 people trafficked, only one person was convicted.
•600,000 – 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year.
•80% of transnational victims are women and girls.
•50% of transnational victims are minors. An estimated 2 million children are exploited by the global commercial sex trade, with 100,000 minors in the commercial sex trade in the U.S. alone.
•The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that 20% of all trafficking victims are minors.
•161 countries are affected by human trafficking.
•The majority of suspects involved in human trafficking are nationals of the country where the trafficking process is occurring.
•The majority (56%) of trafficking victims are subjected to forced labor in their place of origin or residence, with only 44% who are considered transnational trafficking victims. The International Labour Organization found

These numbers make me feel sick!  And somewhat hopeless at times.  Thankfully there are many wonderful organizations who are in the trenches working to combat the problem and raise awareness so more people can learn how to help!

Here are some tidbits of one girls story who was caught up in sex trafficking…Thankfully she was able to come away from that life and find freedom.

A small reminder that this can really happen to anyone.  Raising awareness is a HUGE step in this fight!  I encourage you to look up a foundation in your area that is working against human trafficking and see how you can help!  Talk to your kids, share info with others in your area, help with fundraising, volunteer! There are many ways to help fight!
Free The Captives in Houston is a wonderful organization that is working in the areas of the city that are more vulnerable for trafficking to happen!  At the race they shared about a man who was put in jail because he trafficked 64,000 girls in a 19 month period!!! This has GOT to end!  I know it comes from pure evil but I also know that kindness, love, and teamwork can be used to combat it!

Other than my race I have been working on getting my hip back to normal, visiting friends who were in the hospital or needing some extra love, dealing with this awful rain, entertaining company, and some extra pet sitting! Life has kept me away from my normal workout schedule! Only a few body pump classes, 1 Zumba class, 1 yoga class and some random mixed workouts including a painful class called “Treat While You Train” the past 2.5 weeks! I am ready to get back to my normal routine! It will probably be a few weeks till I am back to normal, and I hope my hip is fully back to normal then too!  I am tired of it hurting!

Have you tried anything new lately?  Fill me in 🙂



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Be filled with joy and health



4 thoughts on “Workout update 

  1. Nicole @ Fitful Focus

    That is such a great cause! I don’t know any other races that donate to human trafficking, but more should! It is a serious issue that needs to be resolved because you are right, 1 is too many!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thank you! I agree! I have run with teams that raise $ for human trafficking awareness, but never a full race dedicated to it before. I can’t wait till next years race and to even get involved more between now and then.


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