Simple {and cheap} gluten free linguini

Hello friends!
Whew! It has been a CRAZY few months of life.  Mostly in regards to our home search!  We began looking more seriously in March and found a place and was under contact.  I began my plans for some minor renovations.  Then the house fell through and I was really bummed.  But less than 24 hours later we had another home (same floor plan- WIN) under contract!  It has been a bit of a bumpy road, but today we finally get to close the chapter of hunting and the waiting process!

If you are reading this after 1 CST, then we are homeowners! If it is before 1, then we are counting down the minutes 😉

As we have been on this hunt, it reminded me of when we first got married (5 years tomorrow!) and how we were on a super strict budget.  Well, we still like to stay on budget, but it is a little more relaxed than those first few months.  I learned the art of getting the most for my money from my mom, and I am very thankful for that skill!  Today I will be sharing with you one of the most simple meals I make that is the most cost efficient but also tastes great and lasts several days!

I am linking up with Farrah from Fairyburger, Annmarie from the Fit Foodie Mama, and Jess from Hello to Fit for our frugal finds themed week!


 Simple {and cheap} gluten free linguini (makes 4 servings)


  • 1 package gluten free linguini ($3.49 per package = $0.87 per serving)
  • 2 small 8 oz cans organic tomato sauce ($0.69 each = $0.35 per serving)
  • 1 lb ground turkey {on sale} ($2.98 = $0.75 per serving)
  • 2-3 oz shredded goat cheese ($2.50 = $0.63 per serving)
  • Spices – Salt, pepper, paprika, red pepper flakes, garlic (about $0.05 per serving)


  1. Boil water and follow directions on box for linguini.
  2. Brown meat, add spices for flavor
  3. Add tomato sauce to the browned meat.  Add more spices to taste.
  4. Mix in with the prepared linguini.
  5. Add shredded goat cheese
  6. Enjoy your meal that costs approx $2.02 -$2.65 per serving!


Make sure you check out all the amazing ladies and their awesome mouthwatering recipes!!

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Be filled with health and joy!


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