Long overdue update! 

Hi friends!

It’s been a bit since I have done a real update. 😳

It has been a really crazy few months. Every time I think things are going to slow down they seem to get even more crazy!
Back in March we started to look at houses again. It’s been a process on and off the last few years. We would look and find a house we liked and then it would sell super quick or life events happened that turned our focus away from house hunting.

This time it finally felt right, and for the most part things fell into place so much better.

When we began to look again in March, we had finally decided on the neighborhood we really wanted to live in. I looked at a bunch of houses with our agent and nothing seemed just right.

Then I saw a house and really liked the floor plan. My agent went to make an appointment but it was all of a sudden not available. I was bummed but knew there would be a better house for us.

My agent did some digging and found out that house was just removed from the market. So we ended up getting a chance to look at it and put in an offer. We got the ball rolling and were soon under contract!

For the next few weeks we did lots of paperwork, had the inspection and then the appraisal done. And then we reached our first real hiccup. The appraisal price was a bit lower than the asking price, and the seller wouldn’t budge. So we decided to walk away from that house. I was again really bummed but knew something would work out.

As it happens, the house across the way had just gone up for sale. And it was the same floor plan, and the correct price! So within 24 hours of walking away from the first home, we were under contract on the second home. Whew! I have to admit that I held my breath a little through the next 6 weeks as we world through all the paperwork and details again for the second house.

June 24th arrived and we finally were able to close on the house.

Finally homeowners!

June 25th we celebrated our 5th anniversary and our flooring crew came in and ripped almost all of the floors! It looked really strange and I kept asking myself if we were allowed to do this! Haha

I also had to order our new floors from Canada! (more on these and our other flooring choices soon)

Since then they have been working on installing the floors, and on the weekends and evenings I have been doing lots of painting and doing other random house projects like putting in new towel bars, a pull out trash can cabinet, cleaning, unpacking, organizing and lots of laundry in our new washer/dryer!
A few ‘before’ shots
Guest bath reno (still to come- painting the cabinets)img_2100
Pull out trash can!  BEST part of my new kitchen so far! It was so simple to do! 🙂img_2102
Our closet got some new floor too!img_2101

We moved all our items from our old rent house to the new house on July 2nd. That was not a fun day, but we did it.  Since the floors were not finished everything went into the garage or the dining room!  Whew, we packed a lot in there!

Since pretty much all the floors have been in renovation mode, we have been camping out in the kitchen since it had some space and the floors are staying there (for now).

Of course to add to the already crazy feelings of living in a renovation, I’m heading out to BlogFest today.

Thankfully they finished the floors yesterday! Once I come back from LA, it will be time to move in all our furniture and get major unpacking done 🙂


More house pics to come once I get our furniture put in the house 🙂

Be filled with health and joy!




6 thoughts on “Long overdue update! 

  1. Farrah

    Yayayay! Your new place looks awesome! :D!!! I know it’s a lot of work and rather overwhelming right now, but it’s gonna be so, so nice when everything’s all finished! ❤


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