BlogFest and Idea World Convention Recap

Hi there friends! Wow, week out in LA was amazing!  I feel like I could write many posts about everything I did and learned, and I might do more posts in the coming days, but for now, I want to share with you my top 10 favorite experiences! These are in no particular order.

10. Sponsors – As part of BlogFest we had AMAZING sponsors & swag this year. Siggi’s, The Watermelon Board, Vital Proteins, GymGo, General Mills, Pure Protein, Silk, La Croix water, Propel, Kelloggs, Gerolsteiner, Xsense, Manitoba Harvest, TRU Falvors, Vega, SweetSpot, Yni, iBand, American Lamb and I am sure I am forgetting someone. Our swag bag was so heavy it was hard to lug around for too long. My roomie and I took them back to our rooms as soon as we were able! Whew!

9. Blog Fest Sessions – I am still absorbing the information that was presented to use over the 2 days of BlogFest. We learned about several different brands and what they look for when they are working with bloggers. Had a session about SnapChat, which I downloaded, but I still have NO idea what I am doing with that. Haha. We also had a really great session about food photography. I can not wait to use the information I received to improve my pictures! I know they need a lot of work!
Two of the most valuable sessions we had were a round-table discussion where I was part of a group that discussed blog design and also a peer review session. I will be implementing some of the information I took in on my blog soon, so be on the look out!

8. Idea World sessions – On Saturday and Sunday we had the opportunity to attend sessions that were part of the Idea World Convention. We had so many to choose from, and it was honestly really hard to decide on what I wanted to go to. I ended up enjoying ¾ of the sessions I attended. I learned about the brain on exercise, more about NASM coaching vs training, more about foam rolling and the benefits, and then had a session with a guy from Houston who opened a gym and also does cooking classes and dinners there. The name sounded really familiar to me, and it turns out one of my friends goes to that gym! Small world.

7. Expo – What an amazing part of the experience. There were hundreds of vendors and I ended up walking away with so many free items that I had to buy an additional suitcase to bring everything home. All of the vendors I talked to were really sweet and passed out great information along with the many samples!

6. Accommodations/weather- The hotel that was closest to the convention and held some of the activities was the JW Marriott at L.A. Live. It was a GORGEOUS hotel and had a beautiful view of LA. I had a fantastic roommate, and we had a blast. The weather was also wonderful. Most of the days it was sunny, mid 70s and a cool breeze. Compared to Houston’s summer weather, it was a nice reprieve.

5. Food- What can I say about the food we had??  Several people I intersected with over the course of the convention mentioned that those of us at blogfest were the best fed people there.  Looking back through my photos I can say that I have to fully agree with that statement.  We were so fortunate to have amazing food provided by our sponsors and some meals given to us by the convention.

4. Outside activities – On Sunday I participated in the ‘Safari’ walk around LA. It ended up being a 5 mile, 4 hour walk with a guide. Ken was very knowledgeable and gave a great tour. He had tons of information about the city and specific buildings and landmarks. The architecture was also really beautiful inside and out.

3. Motivating & inspiring speakers – Idea World gives out awards to different people each year for their contributions to the health and fitness industry. We heard from the winners as well as the selected speaker, former Olympic swimmer, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen. Her story was very inspiring and a reminder to be grateful for each day, and to never let anyone tell us what we can’t do.
Jenna Wolfe also talked to our group about not waiting to do things. There are 2 moments, now, or to late. Very engaging, funny and inspiring talks from very courageous women.

2. Workouts – All I can say is WOW! Doing workouts with Gunner Peterson, Jillian Michaels and the BeachBody Live team were all so different and challenging in their own ways. They defiantly had us all sweating like crazy!

1. Friendships – What makes any trip great? For me it is all about who I am with!  Coming to blogfest I really didn’t know anyone outside their blog, social media account or the SweatPink group!  I was blessed to have an amazing roommate, finally meet some of my favorite bloggers face to face and meet many new faces!  It was fantastic to get to sit down and chat, laugh and share life with these amazing ladies!

This trip exceeded each expectation I had and I can not wait to get to stay in touch with the wonderful people I met and use all the information that I learned!

A bonus to the trip was getting to spend some time with my brother-in-law and his family for his birthday!

And a double bonus, I won an apple sport watch from General Mills Bell Institute!

And in case you missed it, one of my amazing Sweat Pink sisters, Laura, just published a book full of healthy desserts, and they are simply AMAZING!  Check it out here!

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of what I experience while I was in LA!

Be filled with health and joy!


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