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Let’s Love, Not judge!

Something happened to me last week that I really was not expecting.  It was actually a bit shocking and took me back to some painful memories.  Then it made me angry.  And then sad.  And frustrated. I guess part of me still had hope that by the time I reached my mid-30s, this kind of situation would not happen any more.

I was shamed once again for my weight.  And not just by a random stranger (although that as also happened), but by a medical professional. And I am really saddened when I hear these kinds of stories.  I have a few amazing Sweat Pink sisters who have also dealt with body shaming, and it makes me angry!

  • Jen was shamed when trying to find a bra!
  • Farrah was shamed because she is strong!
  • Kaila has been shamed for her lifestyle!
  • Susie has been shamed for her running!

Since the incident last week my mind has dug up a few memories from the past and I have had to re-process them, and remind myself that I am NOT those things that people said, and my worth is NOT based on my weight.

Here are just a few examples of things said to me over the years…from family members, strangers, acquaintances, classmates, doctors and boyfriends.

* You would be so beautiful if you lost weight.
* When you wear red you look like a fat tomato.
* If you stay the same weight and grow taller you will actually be skinnier.
* How can you have a boyfriend when you are fat?
* Have you ever considered weight loss surgery?
* Have you ever tried doing cardio?
And the latest
* Well, you know, your back muscles are tight because of your weight.

Excuse me? Did I hear that right? You think I am tight solely because I have some extra pounds to lose?
How about instead of judging me, you ask me some questions? Because if you did, I would tell you that I have been increasing the amount of weights I have been lifting. And that can cause me to be tighter.  And I have been taking care of sick kiddos. And I have spent extra time in the kitchen lately cooking. And have done extra driving. And slept funny.  And my thyroid is a mess and needs some TLC.
So yes, there are many reasons I can be tighter due to my lifestyle but NONE of those reasons mean you should judge me. Or anyone for that matter.
I did not come to be judged once again for what I look like.

Once upon a time that kind of judgement would cause me to make poor choices that would only hurt myself.  I am SO thankful that I have SO many wonderful people in my life who hear this kind of story and want to jump to my defense.
Those who judge me don’t know I have run over 100 races.
They don’t know that I love to cook healthy and delicious meals for my family and friends.
They don’t know that I lift weights, run, Zumba,  box, do yoga, eat well, drink loads of water and enjoy life.
They just don’t know.

But I know. And those who I choose to have in my life know.
And I choose to NOT let their words change who I am.

So to you who have judged me, I wish you the best.  I wish you can find happiness for your life so you don’t have to judge anyone else.

And I am going to keep on living my fabulous life just the way I am!

Be filled with joy and health!

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