October Goals!

Hello Fabulous Friends!

Happy October! It is my favorite month the the year! I’ve always loved the fall, but especially as I get older I have come to appreciate it more and more. The changing of the seasons and the crispness.  It is almost feels a little like January to me and I get all these ideas in my head for how I want the rest of the year to go.  To see if there are any year goals I can still achieve without going nuts and to end things on a good note!

Over the past few days I read some really great posts about some goals that some of my blogger friends have, and it made me realize I have not posted a goal post in a while!  I think all the house stuff the past 5 months has kept me pretty busy and not really focused on my original goals for the year.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  This year just took a WAY different path that I imagined it would.

I love goals, but I am not always 100% great at following through with them.  SO here they are.  We will see how it goes!  I have a few that I know for sure will not be a problem at all!
And a few others that may come as more of a challenge.  But I guess that is what goals should add, a but of a challenge to my life!

October Goals

1. Meet daily step goal
2. Combat/pump 2-3 times a week
3. 7-8 hours of sleep
4. Hydration goal daily
5. 4-6 date nights
6. Have 4 or more friend get-togethers
7. Reintroduce running 2 times a week
8. Read 30-60 min daily
9. Study 1-2 hours a day (this is gonna be the largest challenge)
10. Sunday (or Monday when I’m out of town) meal prep.
11. 15 min of self care per day and 1 long weekly self care activity (bath, pedi, etc)
12. Establish blog as a .com (eek I have no clue what I’m doing here…any advice appreciated!)

It is already day 4 and I am coming along so far about 85% effort!  Time to step things up!
Tell me, do you set goals for yourself?  What do you use to motivate yourself to complete them?


May you be filled with health and joy!

35 thoughts on “October Goals!

  1. chrissytherd

    I try to set yearly goals for myself and like to check in periodically to see how my progress is going. But I’ll also set smaller weekly ones too 🙂

  2. awhiskandtwowands

    Sounds like you have some great goals! Sleep would be a big one on my list, I got good sleep last week and it was so nice!
    As far as your blog going to a .com you will need to just purchase your domain and you can use wordpress.org. If you call a place like Go Daddy I believe they can even keep your content and they will move it all over.

  3. Kirsten

    Great goals! I only tend to set running goals these days, although I often struggle to achieve them. The best strategy for me is to break them down to achievable chunks if I’m struggling to meet them – small successes are a great motivation! Best of luck with your new goals. 🙂

  4. Chaitali

    That’s great that you put the self care on your list of goals! Somehow that seems to be the one that falls of the to-do list when things get busy.

  5. Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    Those are some great goals this month! Wish I could help you on the .com. I did that to start, but had to pay someone because I’m clueless! Good luck!

  6. Becki @ Fighting for Wellness

    These are great goals, and a lot of them are similar to my own! Did you already purchase the .com domain you want to use? If not, do that first to lock it down. I migrated mine on my own by Googling the steps, but admittedly I work in technology and may have a higher than average understanding of it. Honestly though, it seemed pretty straightforward!

  7. xtinaluvspink

    Ugh, I’ve had the .com blog item on my to-do list for a year now…I really should get on that! Any tips you learn, please pass it on – I see we’re both hosted on WordPress currently, and I really do want to accomplish that!!

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