October is rolling…

Hello friends! Whew, it has been a crazy 10 days of ups, downs and just working on keeping myself on track with life.
I have been really trying to focus on my October goals and so far they have been hit and miss!  I am a little disappointed about a few of them, but am realizing I am still making progress in several other areas.
One goal that I have been doing pretty well with has to do with being more intentional with my friendships/relationships.  Just last weekend I was getting to write one of my dear aunts a letter, and I got word she passed away right after her birthday.  Really saddened but also really thankful for the wonderful words of wisdom she left me with and for all the memories.
I was really looking forward to getting back into running, and then I injured myself.  I was carrying a large piece of wood and dropped it on my leg!  OUCH!  I didn’t look too bad at first, but even with ice, essential oils and resting it, the bruise turned out pretty ugly looking.  I am thankful I am still able to do some of my workouts, and I got to run for about 2 min last night with minimal pain.  So here is to hoping the rest of the month is better with getting back to running!

Last week my nanny family had to put their pup to sleep.  Gosh it was really hard.  He was a real member of the family and so so sweet.  I am really going to miss him.  😦
As a distraction I took the kids to see the dino bones at the museum!  It was AWESOME!

And on the dino theme, I made my friend a pinterest worthy dino art for her husband’s birthday! img_5914

The other night I went with my small group girls to see With Joey With Love! Talk about a sweet movie that just made me BAWL! I am sure I cried more than normal after a super emotional week.  Heck, I cry at Foldgers commercials, so I am not surprised I did a lot of crying!
This weekend I received a FAB package that is gonna help me rock 2017!  I LOVE my EC planner!  It has pics of so many people special to me (I wish I could have included even more pics!!), and the stickers to decorate it made me feel creative! (I have 1 20% off code if anyone is interested!

I got some other lovely mail from Young Living- a few of my fav things to use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I spent a majority of the weekend cooking and cleaning!  I absolutely LOVE that in our new home I can open the windows and let in the fresh air while I am cleaning!  It makes the house seem so much more fresh!

Sat night we had a much needed date night!
I made my first batch of overnight oats (I don’t know what took me so long), and I LOVED them!  Haha!  Now just to remember to get them ready before I am about to fall asleep at night!

Here is to a less stressful week!

How has your October started out?

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!

May you be filled with health and JOY!

9 thoughts on “October is rolling…

  1. Farrah

    I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. :[ Time is so precious. I’m glad that you have all the good memories though!

    I’ve heard great things about Young Living! :] I am with you on the overnight oats! I made em’ back when I started med school and then for some reason just stopped for a while, but I’m back on it again and it’s such a great + quick breakfast!

  2. Karen G

    October is flying by! (And I’m pretty sure I am not meeting some of my goals this month…) 😛
    But, my goodness, those dinosaur footprints are soo cute!!

  3. Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com

    Dang that is a nasty bruise. They are very odd sometimes they are really bad and other times when you think it’s going to be bad it isnt. It will turn all shades of purple yellow orange. 😦
    Oh I love my EC life planner too. I’d be so lost without it!

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