Health update…

Hello friends!

Before I get into the latest health update, I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent kind words, prayers, encouragement and support.  I am beyond blessed to have so much wonderful support in my life from so many equally wonderful people!

For years I have felt and known that something was off in my body.  I have been to many different doctors and have been told I have thyroid issues, I need to lose weight, that I am normal and it is in my head, that I need to work out more (and if you know my lifestyle you know that I don’t need to workout more), eat less (again, this doesn’t need to happen), have bariatric surgery, or take traditional medications.  Doctor after doctor didn’t really listen to what I was dealing with and just wanted to put a bandaid on the problem.  For the past 18 months I did some more of my own research and made many changes to my life to see if that would help.  Although I did find some relief and see some positive changes, they didn’t last long even when I continued with the new patterns of health and wellness.  To say I have been frustrated has been an understatement!!!
Some of the challenges I have faced are fatigue, sleep issues, not seeing positive changes in my weight, memory issues, depression, hormone imbalances, infertility and more!
Back in January I happened across a doctor who seemed like she could be a great fit.  I mean, it was worth a shot at this point! I called and was able to get an appointment a few days later.  We had our initial visit and we chatted about my history and concerns for over 2 hours! She was super concerned and shocked that I had not been tested for many things that seemed like a doctor would test for considering my symptoms and issues.
After our initial visit she decided to send me home with a sleep monitoring kit.  It was a bit awkward to sleep with, but ruled out sleep apnea as an issue.
It has been just over 2 months since my initial visit and I was finally able to go in for more testing today.  It was a bit of a pain this morning, literally.  My veins do NOT like needles!
Even after drinking TONS of water yesterday, I was still dehydrated this morning.

So we after several attempts I was sent off to a different lab and they were finally able to find my veins.  Bonus- I did not pass out like normal!

I am super impressed my arm doesn’t look too bad yet! Normally it is a hot bruised mess after blood work!

First set of testing is in the works!
Thank you for coming along for the ride and again, for all the support.
I will update when I know more!


May you be filled with joy and health!

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