Hi Friends! 

I’m coming to you from my phone today, so please excuse this post if it looks weird. 

My computer battery decided to fizzle out last week so to the Apple Store I went. They were able to replace the battery but then my charger cord decided to conk out too! Sooo I’m waiting for that to arrive! 

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and my life and how things have changed especially over the past 5 years. If you would ask me a few years ago what I thought about myself it would have not been a pretty picture! I would have def used words that most people would use to describe someone/something they can’t stand to be around. 

For so much of my life I hated myself. I hated what I looked like. I hated my personality. I hated how I let negative life experiences make me so bitter about life and almost destroying myself in the process. 

Today I am so thankful I no longer that way. I am thankful I love my life. I am thankful I have learned to forgive those in my past, including myself, who have hurt me. I am thankful I have improved my self worth. 

Am I perfect? By no means! But I am a lot further to where I want to be than I ever have! I’m on a journey and I have many goals along the way, but I have learned over and over again that even though I’m not to where I want to be yet, I am still worth fighting for. 

I am enough. Just as I am. Enough. 
If I never reach any more of my goals I am still enough. If I never get the chance of becoming a trainer/nutritionist/instructor, I am enough. If I don’t get to become a mother, I am enough. If I don’t ever get to my ideal body weight, I am enough.  

Plain and simple, I am enough! 

And you are too! You are enough! We are enough. And don’t let anyone tell you differently!! 

I have more things I want to share with you, and some new things that I will be working on, but I can’t type anymore on my phone! So hopefully next week I will have my computer back and I can share more with y’all!! 
Thanks for reading!! 

Be filled with joy and health!

15 thoughts on “Enough…

  1. Carla

    Yes yes yes. I think I came to this realization maybe 20 years ago… And right now I’m working on helping my 11-year-old daughter come to it far sooner than I did. It makes every single facet of life better when we already know and believe in our self-worth


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