Workout Confession

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday!

So I have a confession for you.  I have been feeling like a fraud for some time now.  The name of my blog, my social media accounts and email all indicate I am a runner…and since the end of 2014, I have not really been a runner.  I first took a break from running after my year of 33 races to recover and rest my hip.  And then I let fear take over.  I was scared I was going to hurt my hip again. Even with therapy, lots of proper recovery, strength training and other workouts (zumba, body pump, body combat, bootybarre, yoga, piyo, etc), I pretty much avoided running.  I have run a handful of times since I took a break from my racing, but really not at all since we closed on our house last summer.

I have some events coming up shortly and this summer that require running.  So here I am, jumping back into the game.

On Sunday I went for a walk/jog in the neighborhood.  It was fairly warm out and I feel pretty out of running shape.  Made it about 20 min of running before I about puked in my front yard (sorry neighbors).
Monday I lasted a little longer.

Tuesday I did a recovery walk with some friends that was lovely.

Today I managed to do some sprints after Body Pump.  Sprints that used to be somewhat routine (still challenging for me, but not THIS hard) made me almost puke again! I was next to a friend on the treadmill and I kept asking her to keep me accountable and to not let me stop! OMG they were HARD.  I did manage to do 7 cycles of 6.0-8.0 MPH before my legs just had to stop!

So I am back….slowly….in the game of running.

I hope to get back my previous speed before too long, but I am going to still take it a bit easy as my hip adjust back to being a runner!


Have you ever had a fear with your workouts? What helped you try again?

May you be filled with joy and health!


11 thoughts on “Workout Confession

  1. chrissytherd

    Way to go picking it back up again! I always have a hard time coming off an injury or a disappointment. This year for me I stopped running for a while when I found out I didn’t get onto the charity team(s) I was hoping to run for in the Boston Marathon. But once I got a few new good races on the calendar, it helped refresh me and I was excited to get going again.

  2. Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    Congrats on getting back!!! Take it slow– even some walking intervals at first!! You’ve got this!!!

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