A little Q & A

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday!

Happy August! How is it already August 2nd???  I have been working on a little Q & A post for y’all! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while and have been gathering questions for a few weeks! Thank you all who submitted questions! If you still have a question to ask, just let me know 🙂

Where did the name behind your blog come from?

This is actually my 4th blog I have written since 2004. My blog name/content has shifted over time as my life has changed. When I began this blog in 2014 I was an avid runner. I have always been a lover of chocolate since a kid! I’m now an occasional runner (as I recover from injuries) but still love chocolate…just healthier versions now 🙂

What’s your favorite snack?

Hmm, that’s a great question!
I switch things up one and off, but I always come back to gala apples and nut butter!

What are your favorite chocolate treats?

I’m pretty partial to my cherry chocolate smoothie, gluten free chocolate cupcakes and the rare treat of my homemade death by chocolate!

What has been your worst injury?

Hmmm, when I broke my foot and my brain injury.

Biggest pet peeve?

Ha, where do I begin? Lol
People who don’t use their turn signal, when people don’t put away their shopping carts, people who are rude & self serving.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I love to experiment with different recipes.  I am a huge fan of roasting just about any veggie! 🙂

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Hands down, Costa Rica- I’ve been 10 times and I still have many places to explore! You can read about my last trip here, here, here & here

How long have you been married? What has been the best/worst thing you have experience while married?

We celebrated 6 years in June!
The best has been the different trips we have been on together, the worst was when my husband had to undergo emergency heart surgery and the healing process!

Drive or fly?

If it is more than a few hours, I will fly.  I am not much of a fan of long road trips!

Do you sing while you drive?

I love busting out some tunes while I drive.  Sometimes I even bust out some Italian arias from my classical singing days 🙂

What is your go-to drink?

Any kind of sparkling water- mostly LaCroix!

Burpees- yay or nay?

Well, I’m not a huge fan of them, but I will do them since I know they are good for me! Haha

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Dog, all dog!

Your claim to fame?

Being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on his talk show.

What is your favorite movie?

August Rush

Where is the best place you have eaten chocolate?

Ethiopia! When we were there I had a amazing chocolate cupcake!

Besides chocolate and running, what is something you love?

I love all things fitness and teaching others about living a healthy lifestyle!
I also love traveling, working with kids and DIY projects!

How often do you write blog posts?

Well, I actually write a lot more than I post! I have over 50 posts in my draft flies that I need to publish.  I get a lot of ideas about posts and then life happens and I don’t always get back to them! Oops!

If you could change anything about your life right now, what would you change?

I wish my family lived closer to me!

What is your favorite animal?

Elephants!  I was able to ride one when I was 3 and my obsession began! I have lost count as to how many I have now!

Any weird human tricks?

Hahaha, pretty much my only human trick is I can touch the end of my nose with my tongue.
Thanks for playing along! This was fun! Gets me out of my normal post 🙂

May you be filled with joy and health!




14 thoughts on “A little Q & A

  1. Rachel

    This is a fun post! I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but one of my besties is from there. I hope to visit there one day! Maybe she’ll take me when she goes back home to visit her parents. 😉


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