Hive 2.0 #ad

Endorsement disclosure: I received these products and services from Hive free of charge, however, all opinions are my own.

Hello friends!

What a busy summer it was! I can hardly believe that some of the schools in my area began yesterday! As life seems to get more and more busy, I keep coming back to trying to simplify as much as possible.  I do what I can to keep things easy-peasy around my house.  If it takes too long to do something, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will do what I can to find a way to make it less complicated and more user friendly!
On that note I have a slightly funny story to tell you all!  You may have seen me post over the last few weeks about the Hive Home system on social media or read about it here.  Here is a little recap of me setting up my thermostat.

So when I went to set up my thermostat, I read over the directions multiple times, I looked at a few Youtube videos and gained confidence that I would be able to set this all up with no complications! I had to shut off the power to our house to make sure I was not going to electrocute myself during this process! I was feeling pretty good about myself as I looked at the old thermostat and was so ready to be done with it!

I removed the old thermostat and I got the tools set to install the new one.  The thermostat came with a nice plate to mount behind the thermostat, and I decided to use it so I did not have to do any more painting!  So out came my pink power drill, hammer and the screws.  I got the plate all mounted and then got the thermostat attached to the mount.  Next I had to connect the wires to the right places so that everything would work! After I turned the power back on I came in and it looked like everything was working right! I set up the thermostat on the hub with my app, and I was good to go.  Well at least for a little while.

I was feeling pretty confident with myself and my job.  It looked like everything was going according to plan! A few hours later our house started to feel a bit warm.  I played around with the settings but it was not sending out cool air. Oh dear!  So the next day it was still warm and I called someone to come check it out.  He was super kind and gracious! It turns out there was a wire issue with how things were attached in the attic!! Oh my I was so glad it was a simple fix!  After the issues we had last year with our A/C, I really did not and to have to deal with an issue that would cost thousands of dollars again!

So, even though we had a few issues getting things set up, I was really proud of myself for doing what I could to get the thermostat installed!  I am also SO thankful that within a few hours of our A/C guy coming out, our house was back to normal!

Since we installed the thermostat it has been wonderful! It has been so simple to use the app to change the temperature in the house when we want to.  When we are gone during the day I can make it a little warmer.  Right before I leave work I change it cooler and it is nice and cool by the time I get home.  Our electric bill has also been lower even in the hottest month of the year! I can’t wait to see how it continues to affect our bill in a positive way!



Have you heard of HIVE Home system before?
How would controlling your thermostat while you are away from home benefit your life?


May you be filled with joy and health!









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