Goat yoga and other things…

Hello there friends!
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We spent time with the Hubs extended family which included delicious food and lots of laughter along with in depth conversation.
It has been a few weeks since I have blogged.  I have hardly opened my computer other than to get new health insurance and order a few Christmas gifts.  Life has been, well, Mondayish!
Life threw a set of curve balls, and I have been playing catch up the past few weeks.  In the middle of all the ugh a few fun things took place.  I got to participate in a fun goat yoga class.  I had never heard of it before, but I saw in advertised on my local feed and thought it sounded fun! I roped a few of my gym buddies into going with me 🙂

It was a super warm day and we signed up for the noon session.  We were set up in the town green so we had lots of people walking by and checking out what we were doing.  The comments I overheard were pretty funny.
They had about 20 people in the session with lots of little goats running around.  They were so sweet for the most part! A few of the goats enjoyed eating our hair and jumping up on us when we were in table top which made it more of a challenge to actually do all the yoga moves.
The teacher led us threw some flow movements and stretches.  About 50% of the time I was paying attention to what she was doing, and the other 50% I was distracted by the goats.  I was parked right next to a food bowl, so a lot of the goats would hang out by my friends and I in between getting nibbles of food.
It was a really fun experience, and even better with friends.  I am not sure I would pay $35 again to do a class, but I am glad I did it this time for sure.

In other fun news, we got some new appliances!! Christmas certainly came early for this cook! Best Buy prices + Black Friday deals were awesome! I am really enjoying the oven the most! It is like 3 in 1! A top oven + a bottom oven + it can also be converted to 1 large oven by removing the center divider! We went with black stainless steel and are loving the color and how clean it stays! They arrived just in time for me to make my first ever pecan pie for Thanksgiving! And will come in super handy when we host Christmas this year 🙂

And I decorated for Christmas.  (A total stress reliever for me) I love everything Christmas! It just makes me happy!  We never really did much decorating when I was growing up, so I go a little overboard now. Hehe


As things {hopefully} settle down in life, I will be back to a more normal posting routine!
I am linking up with Annmarie from The Fit Foodie MamaThe Fit Foodie Mama and Nicole from Fitful Focus

May you be filled with joy and health in this season!


4 thoughts on “Goat yoga and other things…

  1. Farrah

    Sending lots of love and hoping that things are less crazy for you now! ❤

    Goat yoga sounds like an experience I should try out someday, hahaha, if only to say that I've done it! I'm glad you got lots of awesome deals too–yay for kitchen appliances! 😀

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Thanks lady! I wish things have gotten less crazy but they are even more crazy! Once Christmas hosting is over it will be better…lol
      I hope you can try goat yoga someday! It is pretty fun! Def an experience 🙂

      I am so thankful! It has made a world of difference already for cooking and prep work in the kitchen!


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