Hive Home 2.2

Disclosure-I was sent the Hive Home Welcome Pack system and am being compensated for this post.  All ideas and opinions are my own. I appreciate all support for Chocolate Runner Girl.

Hi friends!

Happy Wednesday!  Spring is just around the corner and it is feeling like it here in Texas! I know some of my northern friends are facing yet another snow storm and still chilly weather.  Once airports open up, come and visit for some warmer weather!
When it gets to this time of year I am ready to bust out the spring cleaning and organize things all over the house.  You may have seen my posts about organizing my pantry a few weeks ago, working on the guest room closet and then getting new light fixtures put in this week.

Spring is all about finding new ways to make my life a little less cluttered and find more ways to relax. The Hive Home system has been helping me do that over and over this past year.  From the simple set up to getting our thermostat working right to using it for our holiday lights, the Hive home system has been wonderful.

While I have been cleaning and organizing, I decided to change a few things around with how I use the light bulbs and plug.  This may sound a little silly, but there are times at night when I have climbed into bed to read and I literally have no more energy to get up and turn off the lights.  Thanks to the Hive, I can turn the lights on and off with the app on my phone.  I set up a simple button within the app that turns the lights on and off with one click! It gives me one less thing I have to get out of bed for at night and lets me get the rest I need.

The video is a little long, but it does show how to set up the actions I mention above.

There are several options for using Hive Home, and they come with different packages to meet a variety of needs.

The plans include –

Check out what the Hive Home system can do for you and the other products they have!


May you be filled with joy and health!


8 thoughts on “Hive Home 2.2

  1. Elaine

    It’s the future! Our home system – lights, thermostat, security etc – can be easily controlled with a swipe and a click. We haven’t done any upgrades to ours yet but looking into one of the security systems.


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