Weekend recap!

Hello friends and Happy Monday!

It was another full weekend with a fun surprise mixed in with all the normal plans.

After dealing with food poisoning and being out of commission all last weekend, it was great to get out and get to do almost everything we had planned.

Friday night was the P!nk concert! The concert was originally supposed to be on Sunday evening but due to the Rockets playoff schedule they moved it last min to Friday. Thankfully the Hubs and I were both able to change a few work things around to be able to make it.

I’m still BLOWN away but just how amazing it was. Not only is she a talented songwriter and singer, but she does it all while flying around the arena sometimes only being held up by her foot being squeezed between another person’s legs!! I did hold my breath a few times during a few of the stunts she pulled!

This mural was painted by a local artist (Franky Cardona) and it just made me smile! So much talent all around!

Saturday morning I taught Body Pump. This time I wasn’t just subbing but I now have my own official class at one of the gyms I’ve been subbing at since January. I’m excited to have a class but bummed because my friend who was teaching is moving. The class after mine is combat and I normally can’t stay even though I love it. This week I was able to stay and one of my other friends ended up subbing so it worked out really well!

The rest of the day was packed. I ended up watching my friends baby for a few hours and then met he Hubs over at the studio to work on background vocals. We set up the tracks for the choir to learn for the final recording session next month!


After that we headed back into town where the Texas Ironman was happening!! Talk about inspiring! I saw all different ages, ethnicities, fitness levels just crushing the course! It was around hour 13 when we arrived and I was cheering so loud! These incredible people were finishing off the marathon and smiling even though you could tell they were beat! We hung out by the finish line for a while and soaked it all in. Name after name being read off stating they were now an Ironman! Made me want to maybe try it one day….or the half ironman! 😂😂

Sunday we had planned to try out a new church but I woke up to a text from my uncle saying he would be in town later that day (from Minnesota!)

He was bringing me a GORGEOUS piece of furniture but somehow I missed the info that he was delivering it in person!! So we scrambled around and got the house a little picked up and I ran some errands!

My uncle showed up right after I got home. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! He brought in the ‘prayer kneeler’ that once belonged to my great great grandmother. It originated from Germany and was made in the 1600s!! It was in my great grandmother’s home and was then passed down to my gram and now I get the honor of having it in my home!

We had a really nice time hanging out together and we really enjoyed the surprise visit!

We had planned to attend a wedding Sunday evening but we ended up not being able to with my Uncle in town. A little bummed but it’s not everyday we have family in town.

After my uncle left I got a few things done around the house then headed to bed.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a copy of I Heart Vegetables’ new cookbook! It ends tonight!

How was your weekend?

Have you ever watched an Ironman competition live?

I am linking up with Wendy and Holly for their weekly wrap!

May you be filled with joy and health!

26 thoughts on “Weekend recap!

  1. Anna @ Piper's Run

    I have a few pieces of my grandmother’s stuff (dinning room table) and love the fact that It was in her home and now in mine. ..and I hope one of my daughters some day!
    The Pink concert would have been aweosme!

  2. Coco

    Wow on the concert being rescheduled — glad you could make it. That kneeler looks gorgeous. I love antiques — especially ones with a family heritage.

  3. Wendy

    I always think how I’d love to be an Ironman but then I remember that I don’t like to swim! LOL

    That prayer kneeler is truly amazing. How lucky you are to have it in your home.

  4. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs)

    What a beautiful kneeler. How lovely to have such a piece of history in your own home.

    Glad you had fun at the show. Pink is an amazing performer.

    We spent the weekend celebrating our son’s 10th birthday, so we were having a blast!

  5. angela@marathonsandmotivation.com

    Such a fun weekend! I would love to see Pink in concert, love the pictures!!

  6. Renee

    Wha oh what aa weekend! I love Pink so much and I still haven’t seen her live so I’m a little jealous!

    It’s very cool you have your own body pump class! I have been a few times now at my gym and I really enjoy it. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to teach though!

    The prayer kneeler is gorgeous! And seems it was more than just fate that changed Sunday’s plans to Friday. Maybe your visit with your uncle wouldn’t have happened? Divine intervention perhaps?

    I haven seen an Ironman yet but I am always inspired by events like marathons and triathlons! I really get a lump in my throat sometimes when I see people come through the course or the finish line!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      It was a great weekend! More excitement than I am used to! Haha
      Hope you can see her one day!
      It’s been a long time coming. It does feel surreal to have my own class in the same room I started my BP journey!
      I def know divine intervention had a role to play!
      Oh I was teary-eyed as I watched people finish! So inspiring!

  7. HoHo Runs

    I think it would be awesome to spectate at an Ironman competition. I’ve done a few triathlons but don’t enjoy the swim. I am nowhere near the level of ability of these superior athletes. That is a beautiful piece of furniture! Thanks for linking.


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