Out with April and in with May

Hi there friends!

I have to say I am happy it is May!  April was not the best month.  Nothing really major made it rotten (other than food poisoning), but overall a lot of little things just sucked me dry and left me depleted.  When May arrived yesterday I breathed a slight sigh and took a look at what happened to April.  I just want to pretend most of the month didn’t happen but that is not really possible, so here is to a MUCH better month.

April goals kind of went out the window after the first week so they almost all get a big F in my mind.  But that is life sometimes.  And failure isn’t always a bad thing if it gives me a boost and motivation to get back at it.  I have learned over the years that I can take a stinky day/week/month and turn it into fuel to push me further for the next days/weeks/months to come.  I allow myself a little wallow space then I jump back in it!

Here is what I had hoped would happen in April


*Workout 5-6 days/week
*20 min of stretching/rolling daily- Establish an actual plan and follow through
*PT for hip


*Stress management tools
*Refocus on eating plan
*Rachel’s challenge
*Aim for 8-9 hours of sleep


*Cut out more social media time
*Plan anniversary trip
*Send birthday gifts
*Enjoy time with friends before they move


*Guest room closet
*Linen closet

*Plant garden

What actually happened

Fitness- C
I got in at least 3 workouts each week. Dealing with some pain in my hip and extreme fatigue really did a doozy on me this past month.  It def takes a toll on my well being in general when I am fighting sleep issues and physical pain.  Thankfully my hip has settled down a bit and I am in a better place for the start of May.

Health- C+
Again, lack of sleep causes me to have a lot more anxiety and then things stress me out more than normal.  There were also a lot of really busy days where I didn’t get much downtime and those also tend to give me some more anxiety when I do get to sit down for a minute.  I am still working on the eating plan (waiting for some materials to arrive).  I was getting ready to make more changes when I came down with food poisoning.  That is really just horrible!  It took me almost a week to fully recover physically.

Relationships- B-
I have been doing a lot better cutting out social media time.  I have not been as active on some sites as I used to be, and that is ok.  I decided it is better for me to not be so focused on trying to post everyday and then try to reply to people the as quickly.  I know some really rock it out with replying and that is amazing for them, but for me to de-stress more and have more quality time with those I want to be with in real life, I have cut back.  I am working on plans for our anniversary trip!  I came across 2 I was looking at and some of the information made me laugh! This one hotel would cost $20,000!!! Um NO!  And another potential trip the travel time, including layovers, was over 50 hours each way. The Hubs would def not be happy with that.  So back to the drawing board for that!

House- D-
Well, I have yet to plant my garden, I did not do anything for the linen closet except buy some new baskets and the guest room was a complete disaster until I threw everything back in the closet on Sunday when I thought an expected quest may need a place to sleep overnight!
Even thought it was not on my goals for April, I ended up redecorating our master a bit!

Before & After

So man, those are just a few areas that fell through the cracks during April. Looking back I was trying to figure out what went wrong.  I am not fully sure yet, but I am starting over with some goals for May and giving myself some grace to work through whatever needs to be worked through 🙂


May Goals


*Workout 4 days/week
*20 min of stretching/rolling daily- Establish an actual plan and follow through


*Stress management tools- Sunday rest days!
*Refocus on eating plan
*Aim for 8-9 hours of sleep


*Plan anniversary trip
*Plan trip to see family
*Enjoy time with friends before they move


*Plant garden
*Plan party for background singers to celebrate album

So I am dialing back a bit.  Leaving some of the goals from April and also being more realistic with what I will have time for this month.  The weekends have been pretty full and as much fun as that is, I need to get back to having a real rest day!

There you have it.
What is one of your goals for May?

May you be filled with joy and health!


15 thoughts on “Out with April and in with May

  1. Kimberly Hatting

    I think April was nutzo for a bunch of us. I had too much happening (but that is my typical April with prom and dance recital on back-to-back weekends). May looks to be busy, as well, as we get ready for our third child’s graduation…so.much.to.do. Best wishes for a better month 😉

  2. The Accidental Marathoner

    I’m sorry your April was not what you had hoped it would be. Here’s to a better month for you! Those travel costs and times are crazy!!! I go to Vegas about 2 or 3 times a year (in fact I’m going at the end of this month). I’ve never heard of Dignitary Discretion, so of course I had to Google it. It’s weird there are so few direct flights from Houston to Las Vegas, but here you go:

    Southwest (direct flights):
    6/2 Flight 4111, Departs Houston 6:10 a.m., Arrives Las Vegas 7:25 a.m.
    6/4 Flight 1638, Departs Las Vegas 2:25 p.m., Arrives Houston 7:25 p.m.
    Cost: $885.92 TOTAL for two

    Paris Hotel (my absolute favorite):
    King Red Room, Non-smoking, $492.07 total
    Splurge and stay in a Classic King Suite for $709 total, or a Deluxe Red King Suite for $963

    If you are Total Rewards members, you might get a better price. Even if you’re not, go online and sign up EACH of you (free), then check availability importing BOTH of your numbers. I am traveling alone this month and have 5 nights free.

    I travel quite a bit for business, and have been to Vegas quite often for pleasure. Send me an e-mail and I can give you lots of great ideas!!! I’m sure if I did a little more research I can find even better deals!

    1. chocolaterunnergirl Post author

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you so much for your kind words and help with Vegas research!
      We decided to delay our trip for now, but will def email you when we do decide to go!!

  3. kookyrunner

    The price for the hotel made me laugh – how is that even possible?! I hope that you are able to find a great place for your anniversary trip.

  4. Renée

    I totally get it Esther. I have been stressed and definitely not sleeping. My foot issues (mostly tingling in the night, but the pain in the day sucks the life out of me sometimes) and pain in general really are getting me down. I’m still an emo eater, even though i hate to admit it. So I am looking for ways to de-stress and possibly sleep better (which means more visits to physio for dry needling and the ostepath, but ok…). You do what is best for you!!

    my goal for May is to simply get it together with my eating. and I have to cut back on things that are eating up my time and be a bit more efficient in the free time I have. This means making appointments with MYSELF to make sure I’m taking care of me!

    I hope you find a good deal on an anniversary trip!!!

  5. Wendy

    What the what? 25,000 to go to Las Vegas? LOL

    See this is why I don’t grade myself. Actually, I don’t set goals. Especially now. Life is so unpredictable, so I’m just going along with whatever comes my way! Hopefully May is a better month for you!


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