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San Diego part 2: Workouts

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! I am slowly making my way through recapping my time in San Diego from last month! If you missed my post Monday I shared my experience at the San Diego Zoo! It was incredible!!

Today I will be sharing some of the different workouts I was able to experience as being a part of BlogFest!

I arrived in San Diego late on Tuesday night. After my zoo excursion on Wednesday, I met up with some of my blog friends to try out a soul cycle class! I have done some cycle classes at my gym, but have never been to Soul Cycle. I have a lot of friends who love it, so I was interested in trying it out. And trying it out with a bunch of friends sounded like an even better idea!

Photo credit – Carleeh Mulholland

Before class began it was a mini reunion with lots of hugs, selfies and smiles all around. We checked in and got a pair of shoes for the bikes. It was my first time wearing clip in shoes. We filed into the studio and found our assigned bike. The room was dimly lit and the bikes were all crunched together. I was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic.

Once class began all the lights went out. The music came on blaring and the instructor began the ride. The room was also pretty warm so I am glad I had a spare tank with me! My overall feel of the class was that this was not really for me. Parts of the class were fun, but overall it was too much movement without instruction on proper form. Swaying from side to side and also pushups on the the handlebars seemed really ineffective to me. Any sort of direction for newcomers was pretty much nonexistent even though many of us indicated we were there for the first time.

I also pushed myself pretty hard as I’m competitive when it comes to workouts 😂. That combined with the lack of cool air made me pretty dizzy by the end of the workout. I had to take some time to really cool down so I didn’t pass out!


Overall I was not super impressed and most likely won’t be back to Soul Cycle. The best part of the night was hanging with my friends and refueling together with a yummy dinner!

At BlogFest we get opportunities to try new workouts that one might not normally get. Thursday morning we met in one of the ballrooms for a ‘beach’ workout. It was put on by Fit Bodies inc. They are a group that travels around to different resorts and they teach fitness classes to people who are on vacation.  They also give fitness professionals a way to get a cheaper vacation while they can do something they love (teach fitness).

For our workout we used a coconut and did some individual exercises lead by the ladies from Fit Bodies inc. Then I partnered with one of my new friend, Missy, and we had a good laugh while we did the partner workout!! A few coconuts went flying and I dropped mine so hard it cracked open! It was def a different type of workout than I have ever done before but really fun and creative!

Photo credit – Fit Bodies Inc

Later that day we got to participate in a huge circuit workout at the Idea World Expo. I am not even sure how many stations were set up, but it was basically a place for different companies to showcase their equipment and participated at each station for 6 minutes.  I did everything from using water weights to using an stationary bike that let you lean (freaked me out), to a self motorized treadmill and many things in between.  I didn’t bring my phone in, but I got a few shots from the outside and my friend Carleeh got a few pics 🙂

Photo credit – Carleeh Mulholland

After that workout I had a feeling I would be a little sore the next day! Thankfully when I woke up on Friday I was still feeling ok!

Friday morning we all met in the ballroom once again to try another new workout from Frog Fitness.  I have seen the FrogFitness machine before and it def made me a little nervous to actually try it out.  They had some of their team walking around trying to help some of us out! The machine uses resistance bands to create tension for doing different exercises.  It was an interesting experience for sure!

Later that afternoon we had the opportunity to do a Triggerpoint workout with Natalie Jill!  I honestly thought it was going to be more of a roll out than an actual workout, but it was def a core/butt workout with a little rolling mixed in! The workout was challenging but fun and the rolling hurt so good!  That smile def was fake as it HURT! Haha

On Saturday I was honored to be a part of Les Mills Live!  I will be doing another post about! It was a really fun day overall!

Sunday morning I signed up to be part of a bike tour of San Diego! I was really excited about it.  When I was in LA for BlogFest in 2016 I participated in a walking tour that was really fantastic!
We met in the hotel at 6:40 am (that was tough after a lot of super active days in a row).  We then walked over to where the bikes were.  The tour guides helped everyone get a bike set up and we all had helmets to wear.  We started off riding along the water.  It was really beautiful even though it was a little chilly.  The tour lasted about 2 hours.  It was a lot different than the walking tour we did.  We did get some cool info about San Diego, the harbor and some of the history.  The tour guides were really friendly and were able to answer questions people had.  Although it was a generally nice tour, I was a bit disappointed overall.  For the price I expected more information and also a longer ride.  The info said we would go 10 miles, but according to my GPS, we only did 5 miles.
For my last hurrah in San Diego I was expecting a bit more.
After the tour I had to ice my knee as it was getting pretty sore from all the activities over the past few days!


That’s a mini wrap of the different workouts we did during BlogFest! Once again we were exposed to new things, were challenged, laughed and had a blast with each other! My sweat pink sisters are the best!

Have you tried any new workouts this summer?

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May you be filled with joy and health!