San Diego part 4: Les Mills Live

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! I am bringing you another part of my San Diego recap.  This one is all about Les Mills Live!  Since I became a certified Les Mills instructor last year I have wanted to attend a Live event! When they announced that Live would be happening the same weekend as Idea World, I was STOKED and of course all in!  I signed up pretty much as soon as I solidified that I would be officially attending BlogFest and Idea World!  In the instructor FB groups there was a lot of chatter about the event and my excitement grew and grew!

After a few amazing days at BlogFest it was time to workout with some of the best people on the planet! I started out on Saturday morning doing a Combat workout on the USS Midway! The ship has a really cool history, and has been turned into a museum that sits in the harbor.  It was an AMAZING experience! I ended up standing in line with some people from the Houston area and we worked out together! It was so fun!!! After Combat I ended up running into some of my 24 hour team which was so great!

After combat I headed back to the hotel and then got my bag and headed to the convention center for the rest of my workouts! I knew it was going to be a crazy day so I took one of the rent a bikes to save my legs a bit. Haha

Body pump with several hundred people was so awesome! The room was a bit tight, but I manged to snag a spot with a little extra room and it worked out well!

Next up was Barre! I do not have ANY dance training, and the few barre classes I have done we way different then Les Mills Barre! It was really out of my comfort zone!  I was standing near an older guy who was rocking it and we just looked at each other and said, we can do this! Overall it was fun and I will def have to try it more soon!

After Barre it was CXworks.  That is a 30 min core class! It was a nice change up to the first few super active classes of the day!
My next class was Body Attack.  My knee was starting to bother me so I decided to skip it and go get rolled out at the Trigger Point area at the expo.  It helped a little but it was still bothering me a bit.  I walked around the expo a bit and then headed back for my last classes.

The next one up was Sh’bam.  It is a dance class! Normally I am down and try my best even though I am usually 5 beats behind! Haha.  But with my knee still starting to bother me so I decided to take it easy.  I mostly watched and enjoyed seeing the Les Mills team dancers!

Last but not least was Flow! It was what I really needed after the last few days. It was a really beautiful routine and everyone was just enjoying the class.  At the end we were all laying down in meditation and as we came back to reality the whole team was out on the stage.  It was really emotional and just such an incredible experience!


I was also honored to get a chance to meet 2 of the people who have encouraged and helped my journey!

I took a bike back to the hotel, showered, ate an amazing dinner and collapsed into bed!


I am linking up with AnnMarie and Nicole for Wild Workout Wednesday!



May you be filled with joy and health!


11 thoughts on “San Diego part 4: Les Mills Live

  1. kookyrunner

    I’ve never done a Les Mills workout but I’ve heard that they are phenomenal!

    I’ve tried Barre a few times and holy moly is it hard! It really works a whole lot of muscles.


    I loved reading this, wow!! I have never tried any barre workouts, but now that the IM monkey is off my back, I would love to give it a try!!

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