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Activ Motion Bar in Action

Hello friends and happy Monday!
Thank you all for your lovely comments and prayers last week!  It you didn’t see the news about my heart yet, I am SO thrilled to report I got the all clear from my Dr.  She said I am normal! Well, at least my heart is normal, LOL! The abnormal things I have been experiencing are very minor overall (less than 1% of my heartbeats), and my heart is structurally good as gold!  Just knowing that has helped a ton with the anxiety I have been feeling over the past few months!

So you read last week that the past few weeks have been a little crazy and stressful! One thing that really helps me manage my stress is staying active and setting time aside each day for some sort of workout. I typically workout at the gym.  Between teaching my classes and taking other formats, I am really good about staying consistent.  With all that has been going on, I was not getting to the gym everyday, but I was still able to workout in my little home garage gym with the Activ Motion Bar.  Thanks to a partnership with Fit Approach, I received my very own Activ Motion Bar and I have been loving it!


So what exactly is an ActivMotion bar?  It is a bar about the size of a barbell and it is filled with free moving steel ball-bearings.  The bars are hand built and come in different sizes.  They have different options for the bars from 3-18 lbs!  They even have a special bar you can see into, that is 4.5 lbs! When I was given the choice, I opted for the 10lb bar.  I knew this would be a weight I could use, but would also be challenged with depending on the exercise.

I have been able to use some of the videos that AMB created as well as some of the physical therapy I have been doing for my knee.  It has been a wonderful tool to use to help increase my balance skills and it has been working my core like no other!

Not only has ActivMotion bar upped my workout game and aided in my physical therapy, the company stands behind their products and also has values I can support!

If you are interested in getting your own ActivMotion bar, they are offering 25% off though January 7th with code fitapproach25. What are you waiting for?

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May you be filled with joy and wellness!