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Certifications on the way!

Hello friends and happy Monday!
Whew, I am tired! It has been even crazier than usual the past week!
The past 10 weeks of hard work came to a bit of a conclusion over the past week.

In early October I signed up and began to study for my AFAA fitness instructor certification.  I was hoping to spread the studying process over the 10 weeks before I had a deadline with one of the gyms I work at.  Well, life happened and I really only had 3 weeks to fully study for the exam! I felt like I was studying non-stop.  Working, teaching and studying was my life.  I will write a little more of a post about my study process, but for now, I just want to share my outcome!
The actual exam was held at a testing center at an airport! It felt totally weird driving close to a runway to park! I had a set time and I arrived early.  The testing center opened up and I got started right away.  As soon as the first question popped up, I grew concerned.  The format of the questions seemed much different and more of technical emphasis than the study guide and practice exams!
When it was over I was nervous to see my results! I was SO thankful to see a PASS on my paperwork! Even the testing center lady said it has been a more challenging test for many people!


This past weekend I attended my second Les Mills training to get my Sprint coach certification.  It was a HARD and LONG weekend, but oh so worth it!
I had a fantastic time and met some wonderful people who inspired me to do my very best to rock this weekend!

After 2 very challenging days working hard and learning a LOT, I am SO proud that the entire group PASSED our training! Now all that is left is to make my video and pass that and them I will be certified in another Les Mills program!
Cheers to a less stressful week!

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May you be filled with joy and wellness!