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16 in 16 & a training update

Hello friends!  If you are here from the blog hop and/or her for the first time, welcome!  I am so glad to have you!  I am honored to once again be a part of the blog hop that Kristy from Runaway Bridal Planner put together.  Three cheers for Kristy! Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Grow Your Blog Image 6
If you missed my post from the last hop, you can check it out and learn a few more facts about me.

I have really enjoyed getting to meet new bloggers and see some familiar faces on this hop!

It has been a crazy few weeks in my real life.  If you missed some of the news, you can see it here & here.

We are only in month 2 of 2016, but I feel I have already learned a lot.  My goal the rest of the year is to take what I have learned and make changes, accept the facts, and continue to be the best me I can be.

So 16 things I have learned (or rediscovered) in 2016 (so far)…

  1. My need for things to be organized.  I have always been more of a neat person, but when life happens, my organization seems to be put on the back burner.  I was invited by some friends to participate in a 30 day cleaning/organizing challenge.  Even though I have not been able to participate each day, I have made some major headway on several areas of my life/home!  My heart feels happy when things are clean and organized! Plus I discovered a bunch of clothes I forgot about 😉
  2. I feel I am reminded of this each year…but really hits home during challenging times, who my true friends are. Friends who don’t care what I look like, but who care about and for my heart!  I am forever grateful for these friends, and it is my goal to be this kind of friend too!
  3. A greater appreciation for my husband and how he loves & cares for me.
  4. I left part of my heart in Costa Rica. {This is not a new discovery, but just a reminder to myself that I can be 2 places at once…at least in my heart}
  5. I am learning to love yoga…and to not be so scared to try new moves!  {But I am still trying to find a REALLY good mat that won’t fall apart after a few weeks and also won’t cost a ton! Any tips appreciated!!}
  6.  Pinterest hair designs for little kiddos…I really don’t know why I am late to the party on this one, but I have been having fun with all the little girl hair designs I get to do!
  7. After struggling with insomnia for YEARS, I finally found something that works for me!  A friend suggested this recipe to me! I was missing one ingredient, and I added one of my own, but this little gem is AMAZING!  I literally can be asleep in 5 min after putting this on! img_7684
  8. I have really been enjoying eating some all fruit/veggie meals lately, especially when it is go-go-go!
  9.  I might have put all the Christmas decorations away on Dec 26th in 2015 (to make room for a new couch), but this message just has to stay up year round! {And props to my hubby who thought I made it…I wish.}
  10. I have never been a fan of plastic bags at the grocery store.  My sweet friend Candace introduced me to THESE, and they are a lifesaver! Plus they look really cute 😉
  11. Trying new recipes from other awesome bloggers after I pin them…It has been turning out rather deliciously!
  12. My elephant collection keeps growing…thanks to my husband!
  13.  I still am not that great with grief.  I am working on facing that better this year as I remember several sweet friends I lost in 2015.
  14. Lifting weights and working on my form has caused me to get stronger {logical, yet I was missing the beat before}
  15. As this is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I feel it is my opportunity to share!  I am a survivor! I have been in solid recovery for the past 8 years(!!) after battling for more than 20! If you have any concerns or are struggling, or know someone who struggles, please reach out. You are WORTH fighting for, and for getting any help needed! NEDA has a great website with tools, and although I am not an expert, I am willing to share with you what I have learned from my experience!
  16. One wonderful point that I have rediscovered yet again is the amazing blogging community!  I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful group of people! You all make my heart smile and I love reading about your life adventures!  Thank you for including me on your journeys!

Just a bit of a training update real quick as I join up for the Wild Workout Wednesday link-up with Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness  and Nicole from Fitful Focus for another workout recap!  Feel free to add to the link up and join in the fun!

My next race is in 10 days!  Eek! I officially changed from the half marathon to the 5k.  I know that pushing myself would have only done harm to my hip and now foot, and it would not have been the PR I am seeking this year! So even though I am still somewhat disappointed, I am thankful that I can still race! And my dr is happy with my choice, so I guess there is that 😉
I had a REALLY great workout week last week! I would say it was probably the best week of workouts I have had in a long time.

Monday- Piyo and Zumba
Tuesday- Zumba and 6 mile bike recovery
Wednesday- Body pump and yoga
Thursday- Body pump
Friday- Piyo
Saturday- Full REST! I even got a 2 hour nap!
Sunday- 3.5 elliptical recovery miles

I have been able to do Body Pump 2-3 times a week as well as a yoga class 2-3 times a week and I have been able to see a difference in my strength, confidence and stamina!

Thank you for taking time to read so much today!  Can’t wait to see you all on Friday for Foodie Friday!  It is national pancake week so stay tuned for some awesome pancakes!

QOTD: What is something that 2016 has taught you?

Be filled with joy and health!

What makes up Chocolate Runner Girl

Hey y’all!
Today’s post is taking a different direction.  I am participating in a fabulous Bog Hop this week and next so I am taking a little time out side of my normal blog schedule to share a bit about myself with some awesome new readers and fellow bloggers! Even if you are a regular reader, you might learn something about me today!  If you are new, WELCOME!  I am so thrilled to have you here 🙂

A BIG thank you again to Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner for organizing such a great event!

I recently turned 34(!!). So here are 34 facts about me that have helped to grow and shape me into the person I am today

  1. I have been married to the Hubs for almost 4.5 years!
  2. I am a child of God
  3. I have lived in 14 states! It helped me develop a love for geography.
  4. I have worked with kids (teaching, nannying, tutoring, babysitting, church) for the past 25 years!
  5. I love to travel! My favorite places on earth (so far) are Costa Rica and Ethiopia!
  6. Fall is my favorite season (although fall in the south is a tad different than it was up north).
  7. My original life goals were to be a pediatrician and/or a professional volleyball player. 
  8. I have my Master’s degree in teaching.
  9. My favorite color is purple!
  10. My high school was bigger than my college!  I also was blessed to attend high school and college with my friend who I have known for almost my whole life!
  11. In 2014 I ran 33.5 races.
  12. I love to cook (ahem, experiment) in the kitchen.
  13. I love cupcakes!
  14. I love music.  I had my first singing solo in church when I was six.  I also played the trumpet from 4th-12th grade.
  15. I love to clean and organize.
  16. I was interviewed on Anderson Cooper’s day time show.
  17. I love tea!  I only drink coffee once in a while, but it has to be certain brands from Costa Rica or Ethiopia.
  18.  I have a slight obsession with Very Bradley products!
  19. I love to read!
  20. I am a visual person.  I have to have write everything down in my planner…or it just might not happen!
  21. I love learning more about and making my own natural cleaning and household products!
  22. My favorite number is 21.
  23. I love to work out! One of my favorite things is to lift weights! And lots of them! ( I write more about my workouts and training on Wednesdays)
  24. I love the beach!  I can always find peace there!
  25. I really like pillows!  And sleep (when I can get it)
  26. Sunrises, sunsets and flowers add joy to my days!
    blog10384596_657290952695_410035753633237011_n BlOg63268_587027256705_1565831741_n
  27. I am a HUGE fan of Christmas!
  28. Elephants & zebras are my fav animal, but zebra print is easier to find than elephant print 😉
  29. I love to paint and do cute art projects!
    blog10891923_666757761135_6919312670694265258_n blog11887914_693588866385_6743338812068274124_n
  30. I overcame a 20+ year battle with an eating disorder! Thankful to God daily for new life!
  31. My theme for this year!
  32. I love to bargain shop! Big deals give me a rush!  This is my best bargain to date! I paid $27 out of pocket for this gem! And it’s purple of course 🙂
  33. I love animals, especially dogs!
  34. And of course, I love chocolate!

And there you have it!  Well, a few facts about me 🙂  I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about who is behind the blog here at Chocolate Runner girl!  I look forward to getting to know y’all better too!

Have a healthy and joyful day!

BosuStrong Challenge, week 2!

Hey y’all!  Well, I dropped the ball a bit on the Bosu Strong challenge last week!  So I am going to shoot again for this week!  I was so inspired by so many of the posts that I saw on instagram and twitter!  I can’t wait to jump in this week and get back to the challenge!  I decided to shift some of my training to different days to incorporate the challenges into my workouts!  Last week I did the challenge moves, but on different days then they were posted for and felt silly always playing catch up, so here is to a fresh start for the week!

Stay balanced with week 2 of the #BOSUStrong challenge with BOSU


6 ways I stay balanced
If you forgot to join me last week for the #BOSUStrong challenge or just weren’t up for the cardio, make sure you join me this week as it’s all about the balance! We’re standing on one leg, lunging, and BOSU squatting our way through the week.

But balance means more than just being able to stand on one leg, it also means being able to do what you love while making healthy choices at the same time. It means putting in the work and still finding time for a little Netflix. Or eating the chocolate (of course) but balancing it out with loads of roasted veggies. Or 30 Day Shred (workout) and foam rolling/stretching (workout) at home when I can’t make it to the gym.

Here are the 6 ways I stay balanced – what are yours?

I make time for myself by carving out time before bed to reflect on the day.
My favorite me time is getting a massage.
My rule when it comes to a balanced diet is not forcing myself to eat foods I don’t like.
I make fitness a priority by planning it in my daily routine!
When I get stressed or overwhelmed, my go to is Zumba.
I do meal planning, prep and gym dates to help my family stay balanced.

Here are my fave 6 moves to help improve your balance (these are great on the Bosu but you can do them on the floor also!)

1. Stand with one leg on the Bosu, lift the other several inches off the ground- close eyes for 10-20 seconds.  Use your arms to help keep you balanced.
2. Side plank- Rest 1 forearm on the bosu.  Stack your feet and legs together, and lift your hips off the ground.  Your body should make a straight line.
3. Warrior III pose- stand on one leg.  Your other leg goes behind you in a straight line and your arms go in front of you.  Your body should be making the letter ‘T’ in this pose!
4. Push-up- Flip the bosu onto the dome.  Place hands on the outside of the flat area and do push-ups!  Start on your knees if you need and build up from there. Keep your back straight at all times.
5. One legged bridge- Lay on the floor with one foot on the dome of the Bosu.  Point your other leg towards the ceiling.  Push your foot into the dome and lift your hips towards the ceiling till your body makes a straight line. Hold for several seconds.  Repeat 10-15 times for each leg.
6. Pistol squat- (Advanced move that I am still working on)- Stand on the bosu on 1 leg.  Stick the other leg out in front of you.  Squat down and up.

So I want to know – are you #BOSUStrong? Copy and paste the above, fill it in and make it your own and then tag me in it and share with your friends! Let’s all be #BOSUSTRONG.

The daily prompts are below. You can also follow along HERE.


Monday, 9/21: Happy Monday sweaties, this week we’re all about that balance. Let’s see you stand on one leg – ready, set, GO! #BosuStrong #SweatPink #FitFamily @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Y’all know we love to #jumpjoymonday! Show us your BEST jump shot and tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Tuesday, 9/22: We want to see you #dropitlikeasquat…on your BOSU or perhaps one leg? #BosuStrong #SweatPink #FitFamily @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: It’s time for #treetuesday! Show us your best tree pose. @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Wednesday, 9/23: Let’s lunge it out sweaties! #BosuStrong #SweatPink #FitFamily @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: #workitwednesday, show us how you’re workin’ it this Wednesday and tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Thursday, 9/24: It’s #totalbodythursday. Show us your favorite total body balance  move! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Give us a #tbt of a time when you really challenged your balance (feel free to get creative!) #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Friday, 9/25: #FreeFriday. Show us your favorite way to get your cardio on! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Happy #forearmfriday. Let’s forearm plank it out y’all! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Let’s get sweaty and strong!!!


#BOSU Strong Challenge!

It is a beautiful day for the start of a super fun challenge that Fit Approach is hosting!! I missed the summer challenges they did due to my schedule and preparing and going to Ethiopia!  So I am so excited to get back into a challenge!!


Today I am embarking on a 4 week challenge with BOSU and Sweat Pink to prove to the world that I am #BOSUSTRONG. Being #BOSUSTRONG means I make fitness part of my everyday life, at home, out and about, and with my friends and family.I will squat, mountain climb, plank, push-up, lunge, run  and bike my way to a stronger and healthier body.  And I will encourage the Hubs and my friend Stacie to join me on this fun journey because we are one big, happy #FitFamily.

Being #BOSUStrong is not just about movement, sweat, or even owning a BOSU, its about being a leader, an inspiration to others, and sharing my own fitness journey with others. It’s about not letting fear and thyroid issues stand in my way of sweating and getting strong! The 5 things that make me #BOSUStrong are:

My strong determination.
My ability to lift heavy weights.
My love for my nanny kids.
My healthy marriage!
And my desire to be the best me!!

So I want to know – are you #BOSUStrong? Copy and paste the above, fill it in and make it your own and then tag me in it and share with your friends! Let’s all be #BOSUSTRONG.

The daily prompts are below. You can also follow along HERE.


Monday, 9/14: It’s #MOUNTAINCLIMBMONDAY! Show us your favorite way to climb that mountain whether it be with hiking poles, in plank position or….? Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Y’all know we love to #jumpjoymonday! Show us your BEST jump shot and tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Tuesday, 9/15: Happy #tempotuesday we want to see how you’re getting your heart rate up today. Tag @BOSU_Fitness @FitApproach #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #SweatPink #ad

Bonus: Show us your favorite tricep workout and tag #triceptuesday and #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Wednesday, 9/16: Drop down and give us some #BURPEES! Even better if you can make them #BOSUBurpees! Tag  #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: #workitwednesday, show us how you’re workin’ it this Wednesday and tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Thursday, 9/17: It’s #totalbodythursday. Show us your favorite total body cardio move! Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Give us a #tbt of the most extreme cardio workout you’ve ever done! Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Friday, 9/18: #FreeFriday. Show us your favorite way to get your cardio on! #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

Bonus: Put those forearms to work. Show us your BEST cardio move for #forearmfriday. Forearm plank mountain climbers, dolphin push-ups, forearm plank toe taps…something else? Tag #BOSUstrong #FitFamily #SweatPink @Bosu_Fitness @FitApproach #ad

So who is in?  Let me know so I can cheer you on!!!


A day in the life…Blogging challenge day 8 ;)

Well I don’t feel my life is super exciting.  I have schedule I somewhat follow each day, but there are always surprises along the way 🙂
6:30- Normally waking up or hitting the snooze button. I am not much of a morning person, and I really dislike getting out of bed.  Get ready and grab my bags for the day.
7:05- Leave for work.  If I am a minute late it is amazing how much more traffic there is.  I am a fan of my commute in the summer when there is no school!  Only a 12 min commute.  During the school year it literally doubles.  Boo
7:30- Arrive at work.  Get the house ready for the day.  Get milk ready for them and any bags we need for the day (library, pool, park, etc.)
7:45/8- Get twins up.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day!  They are always so excited to see me!!!
8-9- Get breakfast, baths, and everything ready for the day.  Each day is a little different depending on the activities we have planned each day.
9-10- Leave to go on a walk, to the park, the library, the pool, Children’s Museum, or a plethora of other places!
9-12- Morning activities
12- Out to lunch or home for lunch.
1:30- Prep for nap time.  Read stories, change and I get requests for singing songs 😉
2-4:30- Nap time.  During this time I work on my computer, catch up on shows, organize, laundry, and the best thing, get a NAP 🙂
4:30- Get twins up.  Snuggles and books since they are usually still tired.
5-5:30- Play, get dinner ready, say our good-byes
5:30- Head to the gym (most nights) or to random events I have going on.
6- Gym is normally Monday- Piyo, Tuesday- Body pump, Wednesday- Piyo, Thursday- Body pump.  Lately it has been a bit of a mix-up with all my race training!!
7:30ish- Usually arrive home, shower, and make some dinner
8:30-10/11- A bit of housework and usually some sort of blog work.
10-11- My ideal bedtime.  This doesn’t happen very often, and even when it does it takes some time for me to fall asleep.

The weekends are usually filled with some sort of workout or race(s), an extra babysitting job or two, church, volleyball, grocery shopping, some food prep, and occasionally some rest.  🙂

After a few hours I am awake on and off.

Anyways, that is my exciting life!

Fill me in, what do you do every day?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

Blogger challenge catch up!

It has been a BUSY few days with 2 races, driving all over Houston, and some weekend work hours!  Blog posts are in the works for the races, but I am just too exhausted right now to think straight!  So a quick catch up with the October Blogging challenge, and then more tomorrow 🙂 (I am sure you can not WAIT to hear all about it hehe )

Day 4: The story behind my blog name.
Well, this is pretty simple, I love to run (and workout) and I also love chocolate.  When I went to create my blog/twitter/instagram/facebook accts last year I was a little surprised that the names I chose were available!  So it was meant to be!  I AM the Chocolate Runner Girl 🙂

Day 5: Top 5 Favorite movies (in no particular order)
1. Pelican Brief
2. The Holiday
3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
4. August Rush
5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


Hope you all had great weekend!

Stay tuned tomorrow for race recaps and a giveaway!
-Chocolate Runner Girl-