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MADD Dash 5k

A little over 9 weeks ago, my sweet workout buddy Dy asked me to help train her for a 5k!! I of course jumped at the chance!! It was still pretty hot here in Houston, so we did our first few workouts inside on the treadmill!
Dy was a trooper and pushed through even when she wanted to give up.  Over the next few weeks we did more and more time on the treadmill.  Then one evening after a body pump class I told her we were going to run outside!! Her face was priceless and she was really nervous.  We did a little 20 min walk/jog with our other friend Anne and they rocked it!!
Over the next few weeks we did a combo of running, body pump and piyo classes!

This past week we did a 5k practice run which I doubled as my Run for Bling virtual 5k!!
We also did body pump, piyo and some running drills!  Dy rocked it along with our other gym buddies Anne and Steph!
We are silly 🙂

Saturday morning was GORGEOUS!  Actually a little chilly than what we have been used to!
We met at the race location, got our packets and bibs and were ready to rock and roll!
IMG_1510 IMG_1513
They had a nice opening ceremony where they announced the teams and individuals who raised the most money.  We all said the Pledge of Allegiance and it was go time!

The course was an out and back loop through a local neighborhood.  It was a nice path filled with trees and spots of sunshine and shade.  We started off running for a few min and then got into our 3:1 pace groove.  We picked up a few other ladies along the way who were also doing the same pace. It was nice to have a little group to run with since I normally do all my races alone.  Made the time go by much faster!!! Overall it was a great little course.  Only issue we had was traffic when we had to cross a main street.  The police were out there, but we had to wait a bit both times we crossed it.  Also they did not have a real water station.  The course map showed there would be 2 different water stations.  Around mile 2.25 they had a few volunteers handing out large bottles of water.  It was nice that they were cold, but they were hard to run with.  We saw many bottles thrown down along the course soon after that.  Kinda a bummer, and I really hope someone was able to go back and pick them up.  Hate to see so much litter and wasted water.
Mile 1- 14:16
Mile 2- 14:57
Mile 3- 14:26
As we got closer to the finish line Dy and I ran together and decided to finish at the same time.
All the hard work paid off and we had a strong finish!
I am SOOO very proud of Dy AND Anne who rocked the race! Dy has officially declared herself and runner and now wants to do a 5k each month!  She has even agreed to let me train her for a 10k and a HALF!!! I am so excited and happy 🙂
The run/walk sponsored the MADD organization!  The teams raised over $50,000 which I think is pretty incredible!
Way to go again ladies!! So proud of you and honored to coach you through this 5k process!

Race Recaps…# 17 & 18

This past weekend I did 2 5k races.  One was a local race, and one was a virtual race!
Saturday morning I got up early (5am), and headed downtown to the race.  It was already a little muggy and I was coming off a week of being sick I really did not expect to do anything more than finishing.  So my goal was just to finish. 
IMG_9098 IMG_9100 IMG_9099
Got my race bib and took my bits to have some energy for the race!
As I was standing at the start line I looked at my music and realized that I did not have any of my race mixes on my phone! Ahh.  When my computer crashed a few weeks ago it reset the itunes on my phone too…Boo.  So I tried to make a quick little mix for the run.  I was able to pull together about 15 songs, so I could have at least a little upbeat music for the run!
IMG_9105 IMG_9102
Ready to rock and roll!  Or at least try… 😉
The first mile I was able to do 4:1 run:walk intervals and I felt ok.  The first half of the second mile I started to slow down a little and went to a 3:1 interval.  The course was out and back, and at the halfway point I was starting to feel really dizzy and sick, so I decided to just walk and run a little if I felt better.  The sun was out and it was HOT!  When I got to the water station around mile 2 I grabbed a few cups of water and poured it over my arms and my face!  That helped keep me cool a little bit.  I walked the last mile with a few brief intervals of running.  I was able to pick up the pace near the end and finish strong, so I was really happy about that!

Even though I was slower than I have been recently, I am glad to have just finished!

On Sunday, I decided to do my virtual race INSIDE!  And I am glad I did as it was another scorcher of a day.
I met my running buddy at the gym but realized I forgot my shoes!  Since I needed some new ones anyways, I walked over to the New Balance store and picked up a new pair!  They were on clearance and it was no-tax weekend here, so yay for a good deal on shoes!
The virtual run went ok, and I finished a LOT quicker than I had on Saturday.  It was still hot in the gym, but no where as hot as Saturday morning was outside!
(Excuse the sweating eye makeup…haha)

So races # 17 and #18 are in the books!! 15 more to go for my goal this year! 

Did you race this weekend?  How was the weather?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

Dad’s Day 5k

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating.  Whether you were celebrating your dad or another male father figure/role model I hope it was great!
Saturday morning I got up early (again) after only a few hours of sleep.  I literally rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and threw on my race clothes.  As I walked out to my car it already felt like it was going to be a hot day…

I headed downtown for my 15th race of 2014! It was a little bit of a drive, but the traffic was light so I made it down with no issues.  I also found parking right away which I am so shocked about!

I found the packet pick up, got my bib, pins and t-shirt and went back to my car.  I got my bib & timing chip on and put away everything I did not need, and took my essentials with me.  I have not used this kind of timing chip in a long time!!! Brought back some memories of the first time I had a timing chip I could keep!
The shirt is super cute!  It will look great in my quilt one day!
IMG_6862IMG_6864 IMG_6863

The opening ceremonies opened with a small choir singing the National Anthem.  They did a fine job.  They also had a few people talk about the cause this race was supporting, prostate cancer research!  The most touching speaker was the widow of the man who founded the race.  She was so thankful and appreciative of all the work that was being made.

Next it was time for the kids 1k!  They were adorable and did really well!

IMG_6867 IMG_6870
After the kids race, all the adults lined up for the 5k and the 3k.   The heat was already coming on strong and I almost wished I had signed up for the 3k!

And we were off.  The race was all on 1 road near downtown.  It was an out and back loop.  The first mile I felt ok, but knew I was going to be slower than last weekend.  Pace: 12:52

Mile 2 was even slower.  The sun was just hot.  I could feel my hands start to swell, and the only thing I could think about was how I needed to not pass out like I did in the AZ half a few years back! Pace: 13:56

Mile 3 was ROUGH!  Just when I thought I might be able to pull off a time close to last week, I choked on water and had a coughing fit.  Ended up having to stop running or walking for a min before I felt ok to at least walk.  Pace:15:11

Even though it hot, and I was exhausted, I finished strong! Pace: 12:35


I was very thankful to cross the finish line!  I headed over to the post-race party, grabbed some water and goodies.  They had a nice little band playing.  They had a good set up for the post race food, and a small tent with the race results.
IMG_6879 IMG_6880IMG_6881

Overall I felt the race was very organized.  If I am around next year it is a race that I will consider doing again! Only downside besides the heat was no race bling except for the kids and the super fast runners (top 3 in age groups and top male and female).

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it?
How is the weather for you?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

Choco Loco 5k race recap and last weeks workouts

Hello all!  Hope everyone is able to stay warm!  Even here in the south we have had some days with questionable weather and schools, offices, and pretty much the entire city of Houston shut down from the ‘snow.’  Granted we did get some ice, and I know that not everyone has the same experience I do with driving in real winter weather….but I always am still a little shocked when the stores are out of bread and milk for the possibility of snow.
So back to last weeks workouts.  For the past 12 days or so I have have some pain in my left foot.  I decided to take it a little easier last week with running to see if that would help.
Monday- 2 miles of walking around the neighborhood pulling the twins in their wagon.
Tuesday- 1 mile of walking to and from the park. I also attempted Body Pump Tuesday night.  I wasn’t feeling super strong so I ended up lowering most of my weights for the class.  Even with that I had some strange pains in my back and shooting into my right leg.
Wednesday – I headed to the chiropractor after work and it turns out my lower back is REALLY tight.  And no squats for at least 3 weeks.  I am also putting myself on limited lifting till I get this back stuff worked out. That reminds me I have a massage gift certificate I need to use. This feels like a great time to use it!
Thursday – This was a total rest day.  I was just plain exhasuted
Friday – It was a ‘snow’ day and I only worked a half day.  After work I shut myself in my office and did some major work!
Saturday – 5k plus walking around and to/from the car.
Sunday – I was feeling really good and went for a jog in the neighborhood.  I was going to try for 5 miles, but ended up passing several houses with dogs who came running after me barking.  So instead of running up and down my driveway a thousand times, I called it quits at 3.2 miles.
Overall 10 miles for the week.  Considering the physical issues I was/am dealing with I was sort of ok with that number.

Race Recap
Back in November I saw there was going to be a chocolate 5k in Houston!  Well, as you can tell by my blog title, I love me some chocolate! So I signed up in mid- Dec along with a few friends!
After my ‘race’ last weekend, and the pain I was having in my foot I decided that I was just going to walk this one with my friends who were also walking for various reasons!
As the race got closer I started to look for more information about where to pick-up packets, parking, race map, etc.  The normal race day info.  The only info was that there was no race-day packet pick-up, and the only 2 options were on Wed from 10-3 and Friday from 10-6 in an area of town that is at least an hour drive without traffic. Needless to say that was somewhat frustrating.  On Thursday evening I was able to connect with one of the race directors and explained my situation (I know I was not the only one with this issue). He did say that he would pull my packet along with my friend’s packets so we would be ok for race day.  I was grateful for that gesture.
Late Friday afternoon we finally received an email with more specific race information.
I DO understand this was a smaller, local race, and it was the 2nd time they put it on, but I did feel they could have had more information available earlier than 15 hours before the race.

Saturday morning it was a bit chilly out.  I got up at 4:45 and checked the weather.  A balmy 24 degrees.  Got ready and headed to meet my friends.  I was thankful that I did not have to drive downtown by myself.  Our drive down was smooth and quick.  Amazing how few cars are on the road at 6am on a Saturday! Haha

We got to the race right when they opened up the day of registration table.  So it turns out we were not the only ones who did not pick up packets during the week.  I would say a high percentage of the race bibs were still there waiting to be picked up!


Since it was so chilly we went back to the car to wait till closer to 7:30 to get out again.


We got out of the car with a few min to spare for a pit stop then headed to the start line.

And we were off.  We all walked together for about the first mile.  My foot was feeling ok, and I really wanted to run, but decided to just keep walking.  I picked up the pace a little and my friend Kyra and I walked together.  We seemed to be making decent time considering that we were walking.  A little after mile 2 I couldn’t feel the lower half of my body.  I was pretty much numb.  Kyra and I kept walking and chatting away.  We decided that we would run the last little bit together.  As we got closer to mile 3 I decided it was time to run.  We jogged our way to the finish line and it the clock was right around 50 min.  Official time 50:23.4

As soon as we stopped moving we got cold again.  We went and got our t-shirts and then found some amazing hot chocolate!!

We stood in line for the chocolate buffet for a few min then our other friends joined us.  Since the line was so long we all took turns going to see some of the sponsors vendor tables to get some samples and goodies.

The chocolate buffet had strawberries, bananas, graham crackers, mini candy bars, brownies & cookies .  At the end was a chocolate fountain to cove your selected items in chocolate.  My favorite selection ended up being the chocolate covered banana!

Overall it was a fun race despite the lack of organization.  It is a race I would probably do again 🙂