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Wild Workout & Training Update!

Hello friends!  It has been a little crazy and exhausting getting back into my workout routine!  I was still active on and off the last few weeks of 2015, but didn’t really get to the gym very much.  It felt SO good to be back last week!  I also got back into my training for the next half marathon that is on the books (March 5th)!
I am joining the Wild Workout link up with link up with Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness  and Nicole from Fitful Focus and Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama

A little recap since last Monday

Monday- 2.75 elliptical miles
Tuesday- 3.83 elliptical miles and half a zumba class- I left a little early for date night with the Hubs
Wednesday- Body pump (hello muscles!!!), first 5k of 2016 (47:15 min….I have a LOT of work to do)
Thursday- Walking
Friday- Rest and enjoying my new running coloring book by a fellow Sweat Pink ambassador, Sarah, and book by one of my favorite and inspiration runners, Danica.
Seriously, if you love to run, want to run, or just want to learn more about running, go get these books! (I am just putting them out there because I have really enjoyed them…not benefiting in any way other than sharing the awesomeness!)


Saturday- Walking
Sunday- 4.31 miles- Wog 3.85 miles and a .46 mile cool down
Monday- Body pump (muscles are getting back into it!) plus 2 recovery elliptical miles
Tuesday- 3 miles of elliptical sprints and zumba class!  Felt good to be back!
Wednesday- Body pump, sprint workout

I have been a little sore, but really loving getting back to my training and routine!
I started using a supplement from Young Living called Ningxia Nitro, and I can totally tell a difference in my workouts!  So awesome!

Coming up:
Thursday- Zumba and 2-3 recovery miles
Friday- Piyo and 3 miles
Saturday- Body pump
Sunday- 5 miles
Monday- Body pump and 2-3 recovery miles
Tuesday- 3 miles and zumba
Wednesday- Body pump and sprint drills


Another Wild Workout Wednesday!

Is it just me or do the weeks seem to fly by even faster at the end of the year?  I can not believe it is already creeping into the middle of November!  I was just telling a friend today that this weekend is my last full weekend at my house till January!  (Hmmm…I might need to break out the Christmas tree!!)
Between work, pet sitting, travel for weddings, seeing friends and Costa Rica, and the holidays, it is going to be a packed end of the year!  Even still, I am determined to keep up on my workouts! I am feeling pretty strong overall and have seen improvements in my flexibility!  I am working on pinpointing the next half marathon training plan I am going to go with since that will begin on Dec 1! Eek!  I normally go into races just aiming to finish and have fun, but I feel that 2016 will be a year of PRs! Even if I can cut a few seconds off my times I will know the effort was worth it.  Between now and Jan 1 I need to find all my previous PRs and get some goals in place!

So last week this is what I planned to work on:
Thursday- Zumba & boot camp
Friday- Either piyo or elliptical
Saturday- Body pump & piyo
Sunday- Bike
Monday- Body pump & Grit then volleyball if the sand is dry enough
Tuesday- Walk or elliptical then zumba
Wednesday- Body pump and yoga

Here is what happened:
Thursday- Walking, elliptical and body pump.
Friday- Walking due to last min work changes
Saturday- Ended up with pretty much a rest day
Sunday- Walking plus moving LOTS of furniture!
Monday- Body Pump and 2 hours of volleyball
Tuesday- Bike 4 miles and zumba
Wednesday- Body pump and walking

As you can probably tell by now, my weekly schedule does shift around some.  I have learned to be much more flexible with my workouts the past few years.  Before I was in recovery, I would FREAK if I could not work out exactly as I planned and it was usually for 4-6 hours of a 24-hour period!
I still love to workout, but finding a way for it to enhance my life and not see it as a punishment has been so freeing!

What is on the docket for this next week:
Thursday- Zumba (and a massage!!)
Friday- Piyo and walk/run to test out the hip and my knee
Saturday- Up in the air
Sunday- Kickball and hopefully a walk/run
Monday- Body pump & Grit (if time allows) then volleyball
Tuesday- Walk/run or elliptical then Zumba
Wednesday- Body pump and yoga
I am joining Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness and  Nicole from Fitful Focus for Wild Workout Wednesday!
IMG_1700Any half marathon training plan recommendations??  I need some help here!!

See you soon for another workout Wednesday!

Have a healthy and joyful day!


Wild Workout Wednesday!

Here we are at Wednesday again!  It has been another week filled with fun workouts!  Oh, and keep having to remind myself that going to the grocery store after the gym is really not the best idea!! Stick to the list Esther, just stick to the list!  Haha I am sure some of you can relate to the RUNGRY feeling!
Anyways, here was what was planned from last week:
Thursday- Try to walk/jog 3-4 miles
Friday- Piyo and 2 miles
Saturday- Body Pump or rest & LOTS of stretching and foam rolling!
Sunday- Race- was supposed to do the 10 miles, but I am sticking with the 5 for now.  If some miracle happens and I am up for it, I will do the 10. Plus LOTS of stretching and foam rolling!
Monday- Body Pump and volleyball
Tuesday- Zumba

And here is what actually went down:
Thursday- Body pump and biking for 21 min (6 miles)
Friday- Ended up more of a rest day due to a sick kiddo and working late.  I did manage a small walking workout.
Saturday- I managed to get up booty up and I went to piyo.  It felt great to get some good stretching in since my hip was a bit of a mess.
Sunday- The Texas 10 series race- 5 miles.  You can read my recap here if you so desire!
Monday- Body pump and biking for 22 min
Tuesday- Elliptical for a little 5k, zumba and 20 min of walking
I am participating in a workout challenge with the focus of raising awareness for Batten Disease.

Batten disease is a rare, genetic, neurodegenerative disorder. Batten attacks an otherwise
healthy child beginning with vision loss, declined cognitive skills, and seizures.  Progressively, children suffer loss of memory and speech until they are mentally and physically incapacitated, eventually leaving them wheel-chair bound, then bedridden. With no current treatment or cure, Batten disease is always fatal, often by the late teens or early twenties.

There is a young boy in my community who was diagnosed a few years ago and his family has been challenging us to DO SOMETHING!  So these workouts are for Will!

IMG_2036Wednesday- Today was a great combo of body pump followed by an hour of yoga!  It was perfect for stretching out my super tight muscles and it really felt great on my hip!  I even attempted a new move today.  I almost fell on my face but I managed to hold the position/stretch!

I have not been to just a yoga class in a LONG time!  I kept trying to make it but it hadn’t worked out till today!  I am always nervous about trying new classes.  I feel like I am going to be singled out or stared at since I usually don’t have a clue what the heck I might be doing!  Thankfully those thoughts are usually proven wrong and I am welcomed with open arms!

For the next week I am really trying to add in even more stretching and foam rolling!  I NEED to get this hip back to running more!  If anyone wants to be a stretching accountability buddy, let me know 🙂

On the agenda:
Thursday- Zumba & boot camp
Friday- Either piyo or elliptical
Saturday- Body pump & piyo
Sunday- Bike
Monday- Body pump & Grit then volleyball if the sand is dry enough
Tuesday- Walk or elliptical then zumba
Wednesday- Body pump and yoga

I am joining Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness and  Nicole from Fitful Focus for Wild Workout Wednesday!
Any plans for some new classes? How do you overcome your fears of trying something new? Have you been motivated to workout to help raise awareness for something?  Tell me about it!

See you soon for another workout Wednesday!

Have a healthy and joyful day!

Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge Week 1 Recap!

Move: This week was the first week of the Move, Nourish, Believe challenge from Fit Approach & Lorna Jane! It was a great week full of fun challenges to mix up my normal workout routines!

Day 1: Sweat it out – Show your favorite way to sweat.
I love to sweat in so many ways, but the one way that really makes me feel alive is to lift weights! I am amazed at how strong my body feels when I am consistent with lifting weights! On Monday I also rode the bike which I also enjoy doing!

Day 2: Change it up – Pick a new way to sweat.
Since it was a running training day for me I decided to change up the type of run I did! I was able to get my 5 miles in, but I did a different workout! It was really good for me to change up what I was doing with running! I will have to add this pyramid workout in more often!


Day 3: Let’s Get Planking! – Plank for 5 min today.
I have not been as consistent with planks as I should be with my workouts. I was curious as to how many sets it would take me to get to 5 min! Surprisingly, only 5!|


Day 4: Buddy Up! – Workout with a buddy!
I get the privilege of doing this pretty much every day. The sweet twins I nanny for love to workout with me! We go on runs, play lots of games at the park, do yoga, lift weights and stretch! They keep me going for sure!


Day 5: Fave Friday! – My five fitness favorites!
There are many things that I love about fitness, and there are a few tools and people that really make me smile!

#1 – Last summer I was introduced to an amazing group on Facebook called IR4, I Run For! It is an organization that pairs runners up with kiddos who have a variety of special needs!  The kids are such an inspiration and all the stories keep me going!  I was paired up with the sweetest girl Aliceia who is an inspiration to me every single day!
#2 – My husband is my biggest cheerleader with anything I do with health and fitness! He is such an encouragement to me and keeps me going with new challenges and goals!
#3 – My heart rate monitor is one of my favorite tools. It helps me with my training and keeps me focused on reaching new levels of fitness.
#4 – Since I have been at my gym I have met some of the most amazing people who are constantly there for me! They are some of the most supportive, helpful, loving, encouraging and fabulous people I know!! So thankful for them!
#5 – Body Pump! This class has been the most life-changing class I have ever taken. I started taking it a year ago this month! In all my years of lifting weights, this class has helped me gain the most progress in the shortest amount of time! I saw results in a few months that I never saw in years of other weight lifting work!

Week one was so fun and a great addition to my fitness routine!  I love that this challenge encouraged me to step outside the box of my normal routine!

I am so excited for week 2: Nourish!!

Why I joined a running group!

So a few months ago, I joined a running group. I have been a “runner” for many years. When I was in high school I was somewhat forced to run to stay in shape for the sports I played. In college it became a way to relieve stress. At one of my lowest emotional places it became an obsession which turned into an addiction. I am glad to say that it is now a healthy form of exercise I use a few times a week in order to stay in shape and to challenge myself. I have never been a super fast runner, or one who has ever won a race, and I honestly still don’t feel like a ‘real’ runner sometimes, but I am working on that. For a long time I have felt that if I was part of a group it might help me with my training, my motivation and to have others to encourage me along the journey. I have had some fears in the past, some of them may seem irrational to others, but to me they were real.
I happened across a wonderful group of women in a Moms Run This Town (MRTT) group on facebook. I was a bit nervous as I clicked the ‘join’ button. Within a few minutes I was officially added and welcomed! AHH I could hardly believe it. Over the next few hours I was introduced to the group and decided to join a few of the group workouts! A few days later I did my first workout and I knew this decision was a great one, and LONG overdue for myself. Since the first workout I have done several more, and I am so thankful for the amazing women I have been able to meet with. I have also done a virtual race with some of the women and will be doing my first real race with the group tomorrow!!

For many years I have held a perception that any groups or classes I could join would make me feel even worse about myself. I was intimidated by the classes and I had a fear that I would walk in and be the only person who has weight issues, or not as in shape as every one else, or I would make a fool of myself. I did a few classes back when I worked at a fitness center back in Chicago, but that was about 6 years ago. I have almost always worked out alone, or sometimes with one other person. I have been at my current gym for a little over 2 years, and back in December I finally took the plunge and walked into a Zumba class one night. I was SO nervous I felt like I was going to puke. I have to say that is was great decision that helped me get the nerve to do more classes and eventually to join the running group.

I have met amazing people in the running group as well as the classes. After doing Zumba I made some friends and one the girls in the class and I decided to try out the Body Pump class. I am SO hooked! I have met even more wonderful people and have made friends! It has been a fun journey and a blessing to my life in so many ways.

I am really glad I did not let my fear keep me back any longer. Are there any fears that you have overcome on your health and fitness journey? Fill me in! 🙂

~Chocolate Runner Girl~