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Life…ups and downs…


Beautiful sunset reminding me my auntie is always with me…

This past weekend was full of ups and downs.
The ups included the hubs and I getting away for a little trip to celebrate our anniversary.  Overall it was a good trip.  We had yummy food, I got to run with the ocean (gulf) next to me, and I even got a little bit of sleep.  The downside to the trip was that our hotel lost power for a few hours Friday evening, so it threw our plans off a bit.
IMG_7319 IMG_7324
The drive in, and our view from lunch!
IMG_7320 IMG_7321
The BEST burger place we have yet to eat at!  Cafe Michale Burger! We eat every time we are in Galveston 🙂
More of our view from lunch 🙂
Hotel ‘fitness center.’ Yeah, I ran outside instead…
IMG_7326 IMG_7327
View from our room.  We were able to check in a little early, so we got one of the good rooms.
IMG_7336 IMG_7338
Chilling by the pool…we never actually got in cause there were about 20 kids in there while we sat and read for a bit.
IMG_7340 IMG_7342
View from dinner 🙂
IMG_7344 IMG_7343
We tried a new spot, called The Spot.  I had the most amazing salad 🙂
Walk on by the beach at night! Love hearing the waves 🙂
IMG_7347 IMG_7348
Morning run and some fun in the sun.

I am so thankful we were able to get away, even just for 24 hours.

The downs:
On my way to babysitting Sat afternoon my mom called to say her sister passed away.  It was (and still is) a huge shock that she is no longer here.  I miss her so much!!  I will cherish the memories and always hold her in my heart.
Thankful that these kiddos brought me many smiles and gave lots of hugs on Saturday!

The last pic of all of us together from my sister’s wedding.
Sis, auntie, grandma, mom and me.
Till we meet again…Love you always…