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Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday y’all!   I am linking up today with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddin for Weekly Wrap!
Well, fall weather has finally settled in.  This morning it was in the 50s! The humidity was gone and it was gorgeous out!  I love this kind of weather.  Cool mornings warming up to a pleasant mid-70 degree day!  I really can’t say I miss the northern weather.
IMG_2306It has a fun filled weekend like normal!  Ha
Friday night I had a *tough* babysitting job.  It is rough when the kids are already in bed and I have to do it chill 😉  It was a nice end to a bit of a nutty week!

I woke up early Sat morning to news that my nephew had arrived!! Yahoo!  I got to meet him over FaceTime. He is so sweet!
Saturday I had big plans to going to the gym for a class or so, but I slept really cruddy Friday night so I ended up resting some before doing housework and my own home workout.
The hubs went out of town for a memorial service for one of his nephews.  Not the best reason to see family, but he had a nice time with his sister and some other relatives.
I was able to get some work done at our house and rearranged some furniture in anticipation of some new items!!
Later in the day I had the privilege of taking care of 2 of my favorites overnight!  We of course had a blast!  Made tacos, had movie night and a huge cuddle fest!
IMG_2217Sunday we all woke up and the kids wanted biscuits, so biscuits I made, along with some eggs, fruit and some gravy with ground bison!
Mid afternoon the Hubs came back into town and we got our new to us couch loaded into his truck.  Plodded back to our house and got the couch in the house.  Then headed off to pick up our new-to-us TVs.  It was a bit of a production getting them home.  For some reason, the 3 main roads that head south were all backed up!  Instead of it taking 10-15 min to get home it took almost an hour.  It was an annoyance but I kept reminding myself that we were safe, not in an accident and a-ok.  We sat in traffic and belted out Natalie Grant’s new single!
When we got home the Hubs warmed up some dinner while I got things ready to move furniture!  It was a bit messy but ended up turning out pretty well!


In the middle of the chaos

After we moved the furniture and I set up the new TVs 🙂
The new set up is homey and we have tons of space for anyone who wants to come over 🙂

That is about it for the weekend!  I still have lots of work to do on the rest of the house, and especially my office….for being an organizing queen, the disarray is driving me batty!  My goal is to have it mostly finished by tomorrow night! I would like the housekeepers to actually be able to clean when they come!  😉

To end the weekend on a fabulous note, I finally booked our last trip of the year!  I am taking the Hubs to Costa Rica!  He has never been and I have not been down for 7 years!!!  This will be my 10th time and I can not wait!  I was able to find an awesome deal.  It is like Christmas came early!
IMG_2283 IMG_2281

How was your weekend?  What was on your schedule??

Have a healthy and joyfilled day!


Well, welcome to 2015….only a few days late

Hello friends!  How is it already day 9 of 2015???  This year is already starting to fly by.  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New years.  Things have been plugging along on this end.  Been battling through some migraines since Christmas day, so that has not been fun.  I am not really sure what is causing them, but I am ready for them to go away!  I used to get them often several years ago, but then they went away for the most part.  Other than the migraines, the rest of 2014 was a bit of a let down.  I have yet to really post about my last race, and the disappointment that came with not finishing.  I know in my head that I pushed myself really hard in 2014 to reach some goals that were challenging, yet attainable, and I am proud of those goals, but not finishing the last race really set me back.  I think all year I had this dream and vision that I was going to rock the last few races and really prove that I CAN do this despite some other things I have been dealing with.  Not finishing was like a smack in the face with a reality check that I have a lot of work to do….So in lies my goals for 2015 which I am still processing through and working on.

So in other news I was very blessed and fortunate to receive some really great Christmas gifts, spend some quality time with The hubs, and get some things done in my house.
A few weeks before Christmas I was asked several times what I wanted. As I have grown older, I really don’t NEED anything, but there were a few kitchen items I have had my eye on for a while.

A girl can dream right?!?!

Well thanks to my darling husband, and generous gifts from several friends, my wishes were granted!!!

I have been in the mood to change some things in our house, but did not want to fork over $$$$ to do it.  This past weekend I finally got some new bedding (thanks to a gift card) and painted a dresser that we use for kitchen storage!  Bedroom furniture is next on the list to change!!


IMG_5257 IMG_5260




I am pretty happy with how it all turned out.  I have a few areas I need to touch up, but overall I am pretty happy with it.  I got the look I was aiming for for around $50 vs $1200!!  Not bad, not bad.

How were your holidays?
Have you ever done a DIY makeover?