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My favorite lifestyle apps

Hello friends!  Happy Wednesday 🙂
I am slowly getting back into my workouts after a few weeks off due to back issues and getting a nasty summer cold/flu. Last week I managed to make it to the gym a few times and I also went to a self defense class which was pretty interesting and intense and I learned a lot.  I wish I had taken some pics or videos of the night.  The next time I attend a session I will for sure take some!
img_4544I wanted to share with you all a few things that help me stay on track with my fitness goals.  Many years ago I hardly forgot anything.  Then I had a brain injury and my memory does not behave the same.  So I am really thankful I have some tools I can rely on to help me stay focused and on the right path for me.  I pretty much use these apps everyday. Between logging meals, water, sleep and my fitness, I can get a sense of what I need to focus on.  Some weeks I notice my hydration is down so I pick up the intensity and set some alarms on my phone to remind me to drink more water!  I hope I am not alone in the area of needing some friendly reminders once in a while!  I also actually make money living healthy! Say what? Yep, it is true!  See below for more info 🙂
In no particular order, here are my fav healthy living apps! {I was not asked to talk about any of these apps, nor am I being compensated in anyway, I am just sharing from my experiences!}

1. Runkeeper- This is an app where I can log just what type of workout I do.  It used to just be a running/walking app, but it is so much more now! You can pretty much log any type of workout.  I really like that I can play my music through the app and I shares with my my stats when I am running outside.  I also enjoy connecting with other friends who have RunKeeper- {Let me know if you want to connect here}


2. My-24- This is an app for my gym, 24 hour fitness.  Previously I only used the app to look at the class schedule.  They recently re-did the app, and I like it even better.  I still used it for the class schedules, but I also use it to look at my own personal data.  The app is also aligned with a rewards program, and I get points for checking in, working out, connecting on social media, and reading valuable articles.

3. MyFitnessPal- Man, I have had this app for YEARS! My first log in was actually over 6 years ago!  I think that may be the app I have used the longest since apps became a thing! Ha.  I have seen the app improve so much over the past few years, and I really like that they have partnered with Under Armor.  I am not always super strict about my food logging, but it does help me know how on track I am.  Some days I feel like I did really well, just to see that I am short on a certain macro or nutrient.  I use that information to help myself stay balanced.  I also like that I can encourage my friends who are also on the app, and stay accountable if I am in a season where I feel I need it.  {If you want to connect with here, I am Chocolaterunnergirl 🙂 }

4. Connect- This is a Garmin app that I use with my VivoFit2.  I had it with my first VivoFit and I have again, seen changes and improvements over the past 2+ years.  Although the Garmin may not be as popular as the fit bit, I still love mine.  I love that I don’t have to sync it everyday (although I normally do to check my sleep), no charging needed, and it is waterpoof, so I don’t have to worry about taking it off to shower or swim.  I like that the app gives me different step challenges each week and that it tracks my sleep pretty well.
{I am also Chocolaterunnergirl on this app if you want to connect}

5. ithlete- I received the ithlete monitoring system for my birthday last year, and I really enjoyed using it.  It gives me information about how my body is doing and how I should handle the training for the day.  I def need to be using the data I collect more to work smarter, not harder.

6. Waterlogged- Like I mentioned above, I have times when I struggle to get all my water in during the day.  Depending on the water bottle I have with me each day, I know how many times I need to fill it up to reach my quota.  I like this app because you can personalize it with pictures of your own beverage containers, and it also gives you rewards for simply logging in.  I like to see where I am during the day and how many more ounces I need.

7. Pact App- This is literally one of my favorite apps!  It is so simple, and so rewarding.  Since I joined almost 3 years ago, I have earned several hundred dollars, and never had to pay a single cent.  The app began as a motivational app with exercise.  Log your workouts, earn cash.  Miss your pre-set workouts and pay.  They then added in fruit/veggie logs and food logging.  The beauty of the app is that you can change each week what you want to do. You can change how many workout days you want to do (up to 7), how many days you want to log food (also up to 7) and how many fruits/veggies (up to 5 per day, and 35 overall). Some weeks I know will be crazy and I might only commit to logging 3-4 workouts, and other weeks I know I need to push myself and log a workout of some sort each day.  You can log workouts at the gym, outside, through other apps (runkeeper, mapmyrun, jawbone, moves & fitbit) or even at home.  They are pretty versatile about it.
When it comes to logging meals, you do have to have myfitnesspal to get credit for the logs.  You have to log at least 3 meals for the day and be over 1200 calories.  Not very hard.  And there are times I forget to sync it before midnight, and I just sync it the next day and it counts 🙂
The veggie (fruits and veggies count) part is the most interesting. The community has to vote on the pictures you submit and sometimes they vote no! People used to vote ‘no’ to my smoothies and it was so annoying.  Then I realized that if I post each ingredient in my blender, they usually say yes!  You also get to vote and decide someones fate for their pic.  One thing I do like about the app is when you vote you can see the other pics they have submitted, and you can tell if someone just took 5 pics of the same thing and tried to say they reached their quota for the day.  When you deny a pic you tell why (from per-determined options).
The app does have glitches from time to time, but they always fix it, and they don’t charge you if they are having issues.
If you want to try Pact App, let me know and I can send you a code that will set you up with $5 to start 🙂

So those are my basic healthy living apps.  I have used others over time, but these are the ones I have stuck to over time.

Do you have any health apps that you love?  Tell me about them!
And don’t forget to connect on any apps we have in common 🙂

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Be filled with health and joy!