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Another Wild Workout Wednesday!

Hello once again!  I know, 2 posts in 1 days, that isn’t something that I get to do much these days.
It is Wednesday and time for a workout report.  I realized late last night that I never did made an official plan for this last week, but it ended up working out ok.
Since my hip has been giving me issues I have been trying to focus on stretching more and using my lovely foam roller.  The other night I was done and the Hubs came to see what I was doing.  The foam roller had turned into a pillow and I was just laying on the floor.  He asked me what in the world I was doing. “Oh, just foam rolling!” Ha, he knew better and encouraged me to get back at it!

Last week we lost another family member, so things got a little off track.  Add in the hurricane, a LONG dr appt and visiting a friend in the hospital, and I am glad I actually got in a few workouts!
Speaking of the dr appt, overall it was ok.  He asked a lot of questions and took a LOT of blood! So hopefully I will get some answers soon!  I am sure there are still issues with my thyroid, and not that I want there to be any other issues, but there needs to be something else going on as to why I can not lose weight!  It has become really frustrating! Who am I kidding, it has been a frustration for a LONG time.  I am proud of myself for keeping on the right path and working out and eating healthy meals.  Even years into recovery it is tempting to shut down and not eat.  But I KNOW that is not the right thing to do, nor will it do anything to change myself for the better!

What I have been up to!
Thursday- Walk & foam roll
Friday- Walk and stretches
Saturday- Body pump, walk and stretches.  And a free Shower! Haha


Sunday- More walk and stretches
Monday- Body pump and stretches
Tuesday- 4.5 miles on the elliptical, .5 mile walk to/from the park with the kids, an hour of zumba and some stretches.  No wonder my legs are tired and sore today!
Wednesday- Zumba tonight and 20-30 min elliptical

What I am planning for this next week!
Thursday- Try to walk/jog 3-4 miles
Friday- Piyo and 2 miles
Saturday- Body Pump or rest & LOTS of stretching and foam rolling!
Sunday- Race- was supposed to do the 10 miles, but I am sticking with the 5 for now.  If some miracle happens and I am up for it, I will do the 10. Plus LOTS of stretching and foam rolling!
Monday- Body Pump and volleyball
Tuesday- Zumba

I am joining Annmarie from The Fit Foodie Mama, Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness and  Nicole from Fitful Focus for Wild Workout Wednesday!

What do you do when you are sore?  Have you signed up for a longer race but then weren’t ready? What did you do?

See you again soon for another Workout Wednesday!

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Fantastic Friday!!

Well it is finally Friday! Yahoo 🙂

I really love my job and working out daily, but there are some times when a Friday night at home is just wonderful! Today is one of those rare days when I actually get a few hours at home.  This week was even more rare as I had a free night but my husband had an event.  So here I am, getting a chance to sit a put my feet up.  It is perfect timing as I have my first 10k of the year tomorrow.  I was going to walk with a friend from the gym, but she had to back out last minute, so I am going to try and run some of it tomorrow!

Onto the BEST part of my week! Chocolate!!! As “The Chocolate Runner” I will be sharing some yummy and fun chocolate items that I have from week to week! This week hubs and I had date night on Monday 🙂 After dinner, I was really wanting some fro-yo, and so we headed over to Red Mango. When I get fro-yo I usually get a combo of chocolate and sometimes peanut butter or cheesecake.  I personally don’t usually get toppings.  I would rather have as much fro-yo as possible without going too crazy.  This time there was a new flavor to try, spicy Aztec chocolate. I tried a small sample and I really liked it, so I added it to the middle of my cup!

What chocolate did YOU have this week??

And the winners of my first giveaway!!!
Congrats Bethany and Lisa 🙂

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~Chocolate Runner~