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Nektar Sweet review & giveaway

As winter approaches I know that getting colds and sore throats comes more often.  One thing that helps me prevent these is some of my favorite hot teas! I have always been a fan of regular honey in my tea until now!
Thanks to my partnership with Fit Approach and sweat pink, I have been able to try a new sweetener, Nektar!
I received this adorable little package in the mail!  I mean, how CUTE is all this??

I could not wait to try it! Even the hubs got in on the action!
Nektar is fantastic!  It really is just like honey without all the mess!  Measuring and pouring it acts like sugar so there is not sticky mess to clean up!  I can’t wait to try it is more recipes over the holiday season!
It will also be perfect to travel with since it doesn’t make a mess!  Yay! I am all about easy and simple options!

A few things that I love about Nektar

  • All natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Available at your local Wal-mart (find your nearest location here)
  • Easy to measure and pour

So what is not to love?  For me, nothing!
And one more thing to love is that Nektar is giving me to chance to give away 1- 6 oz bottle to one of my awesome readers!  So click on the link below and enter to win!
This giveaway is open to US residents only.
Good luck friends!

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Bulu Box Review PLUS an awesome discount code!

Happy Monday friends!  Can you believe it is the last day of August?? Where has the summer gone?  It feels like it was May just yesterday!
Anyways, I have a fun review to share with you today!  I love that I get to try new things and share with y’all thanks to my partnership with Fit Approach and being a Sweat Pink Ambassador!
So I present to you, my Bulu Box.


What is a Bulu Box you ask?  Well let me explain! It is a fun box that comes with samples of items that pertain to health and/or weight loss (you pick your category).  It is a variety of supplements, foods, sports fuels, nutrition items, sleep aids, energy boosters and more!  Each box comes with 4-5 different samples plus a lifestyle bonus! The beauty of Bulu Box is that they also have full size items for sale right on their website and often have sales on the items!  If you participate in reviews of the products on the site, you earn reward points and can get $ off your boxes!  That sounds like a win-win to me!

So what did I get in my box?  Let me share!

The first item I tried was a Mediterra Bar.  I was a delightful crunchy bar that would be perfect for a on the go snack!  They use real fruits, veggies, grains and seeds to make the bars, so a win in my book!  (Hint, if you go to their website, you can also try 2 flavors for free…just $1.00 for shipping)
IMG_8468 The next item I tried was a Island Boost.  Island boost is an energy fuel source you can take at the beginning of a workout session and throughout the duration of the workout.  I used it a few days ago for a jog and it did seem to help my energy level as I was pretty tired from watching an infant overnight.  The only thing that I was not thrilled about was that it was so sweet! I would be interested in trying different flavors (Valor and Renegade) to see how they compare.

The next item in my box was a sample of Yerba Prima Fiber Plus Powder. Yerba Prima is a company that provides herbal supplements to help things flow properly…if you get my drift 😉  I am all about having enough fiber in my body and making sure there are no issues.  This product is a great way to do that by using natural substances! I love that the products support a healthy digestive track as well as eye sight, respiratory health, memory and more! IMG_8042

My next item is Runa.  It is a tea based on clean energy.  This packet is loose leaf, and I have actually not had a chance to try it! But, I think it will work in a french press?? Someone help me out here.  I can’t wait to try it.  I LOVE tea, and a tea that is made with fantastic ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest is all good with me.  Plus, it smells amazing through the packet!  I can not wait to get this in my system!
Note: They also sell the tea already brewed in bottles and cans! IMG_8458My last item in the box was what they call a Lifestyle Bonus!  UP4 Probiotics are a kid friendly probiotic. This one came in vanilla, but they come in a variety of flavors as well as being tailored to different genders, ages, and need for immune support.  Even these were for kids, I tried them out.  When I first saw the cube I was afraid it was going to be super chalky, but I was pleasantly surprised it was more creamy.


So that is my Bulu Box!  Now, because you are all so awesome, Bulu box is offering a 50% discount for anyone who signs up for a 3 month subscription!  You really can’t get much better than that! That means $5.00 per box!!! So what are you waiting for??
When you sign up, use code: SWEATPINK

When you sign up, let me know what you think!!


Disclaimer: I was sent the Bulu Box for free in exchange for an honest review. All options are my own.