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Race Recaps #27, 28 & 29

Over the last 2 weeks I have participated in 3 races!  A 5k, a 10k and an 8k!

Time has been very precious lately, so here are quick recaps!

Veteran’s Day 5k
A little local race in my town.  It was an out and back course on a gorgeous morning!  I was feeling pretty good and went from doing a 3:1 interval to 7:1!  There were a few ladies who seemed about my pace in front of me and they were great motivation on the course!  Finished strong and felt good about the race and supporting our local vets!  So thankful for their service and all they have done fighting for our country!
IMG_2848  IMG_2849IMG_2857 IMG_2856  IMG_2854IMG_2865

Veteran’s Day IRUN4 Virtual 10k
The next morning I met my Holiday Calorie Crush Challenge partner for a run! She was doing 12 miles and I was going to run my virtual IRUN4 Veteran’s day virtual race!  I signed up for a 10k, and this was a perfect distance for me at this point in my training.  I met up with Lauran and we had a great time chatting and running!  She is a rock star and finished her 12 miles after we parted ways!
IMG_2880 IMG_2881

Starry Night 8.5k
A few weeks ago when I was finalizing my race schedule for the fall, I saw a race that made my heart say YES!  It was a race that benefited the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation!  I knew I had to do it, and so I signed on up!
The race itself was a 3 loop course with an 8.5k distance.  The reason it was 8.5k was that equals 28,000 steps, and there are currently 28,000 kids fighting right now.  That number is way to high!  It was an honor to run for such a great organization, and I am already looking forward to next year.
The race was at a unique time and at first I was not sure why.  Once I was there things made more sense!
3:30 was race time.  Once we all finished the race we had a post race meal.

Then there was a little concert by Houston area native, Josh Worthington.  I guess he’s kinda a big deal and was the runner up on the Voice last season!
IMG_3075 IMG_3076
After that they did an award ceremony then we light up the night!
IMG_3078 IMG_3079 IMG_3080 IMG_3086 IMG_3081

So I only have 4 more races in 2014 to finish out my goal!!!

Thanksgiving day 5 miler
Dec 1- 5k
Dec 7- 10 miler
Dec 21- Half marathon
And for good measure I signed up for the Run for Jess virtual Elf Race!

Do you have any 2014 goals you are finishing up in the next few weeks? Any races for Thanksgiving or in December?  Fill me in 🙂

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

Race Recaps…# 17 & 18

This past weekend I did 2 5k races.  One was a local race, and one was a virtual race!
Saturday morning I got up early (5am), and headed downtown to the race.  It was already a little muggy and I was coming off a week of being sick I really did not expect to do anything more than finishing.  So my goal was just to finish. 
IMG_9098 IMG_9100 IMG_9099
Got my race bib and took my bits to have some energy for the race!
As I was standing at the start line I looked at my music and realized that I did not have any of my race mixes on my phone! Ahh.  When my computer crashed a few weeks ago it reset the itunes on my phone too…Boo.  So I tried to make a quick little mix for the run.  I was able to pull together about 15 songs, so I could have at least a little upbeat music for the run!
IMG_9105 IMG_9102
Ready to rock and roll!  Or at least try… 😉
The first mile I was able to do 4:1 run:walk intervals and I felt ok.  The first half of the second mile I started to slow down a little and went to a 3:1 interval.  The course was out and back, and at the halfway point I was starting to feel really dizzy and sick, so I decided to just walk and run a little if I felt better.  The sun was out and it was HOT!  When I got to the water station around mile 2 I grabbed a few cups of water and poured it over my arms and my face!  That helped keep me cool a little bit.  I walked the last mile with a few brief intervals of running.  I was able to pick up the pace near the end and finish strong, so I was really happy about that!

Even though I was slower than I have been recently, I am glad to have just finished!

On Sunday, I decided to do my virtual race INSIDE!  And I am glad I did as it was another scorcher of a day.
I met my running buddy at the gym but realized I forgot my shoes!  Since I needed some new ones anyways, I walked over to the New Balance store and picked up a new pair!  They were on clearance and it was no-tax weekend here, so yay for a good deal on shoes!
The virtual run went ok, and I finished a LOT quicker than I had on Saturday.  It was still hot in the gym, but no where as hot as Saturday morning was outside!
(Excuse the sweating eye makeup…haha)

So races # 17 and #18 are in the books!! 15 more to go for my goal this year! 

Did you race this weekend?  How was the weather?

-Chocolate Runner Girl-

October running recap…

This year overall has not been stellar for me with running and racing.  I managed to squeeze in a few races early in the year. Then I had some knee pain and back issues. I found a wonderful and affordable chiropractor in April and I started to see improvement with my pain. Over the summer I focused more on strength training with body pump and stretching to get rid of the pain. In September I was starting to feel much better, and started slowly running again. Then my hip began to have pain! UGH I was so frustrated. I had started training for a few 5/10ks and another half marathon and I really wanted to get back into running again. It is a good stress reliever for me, and I know it helps to keep me healthy!

During October I was on running restriction, but I had already signed up for a virtual 5k race through Joggermom. This race was one I really wanted to complete since I was in honor of breast cancer awareness month. It was very close to my heart as two of my dear friends have been bravely fighting this year. Sadly one of them passed away on October 20th. I was allowed to walk, and walk I did! It took me pretty much the entire month, but I finished the 26.2 (plus a little) on the 31st. It really made my heart happy that I was able to walk in honor and memory of such brave women!





Needless to say I am a bit nervous for the remaining training time before my next half. I know that Dec 22 is going to be here really fast. It may not be a stellar race, so I have changed my goal to just finishing! I doubt I will PR, but that is ok. Finishing the race and staying healthy are more important to me!!

And I finally got some new shoes in my favorite color!!  They are super comfy and pretty! So win-win!


Why I joined a running group!

So a few months ago, I joined a running group. I have been a “runner” for many years. When I was in high school I was somewhat forced to run to stay in shape for the sports I played. In college it became a way to relieve stress. At one of my lowest emotional places it became an obsession which turned into an addiction. I am glad to say that it is now a healthy form of exercise I use a few times a week in order to stay in shape and to challenge myself. I have never been a super fast runner, or one who has ever won a race, and I honestly still don’t feel like a ‘real’ runner sometimes, but I am working on that. For a long time I have felt that if I was part of a group it might help me with my training, my motivation and to have others to encourage me along the journey. I have had some fears in the past, some of them may seem irrational to others, but to me they were real.
I happened across a wonderful group of women in a Moms Run This Town (MRTT) group on facebook. I was a bit nervous as I clicked the ‘join’ button. Within a few minutes I was officially added and welcomed! AHH I could hardly believe it. Over the next few hours I was introduced to the group and decided to join a few of the group workouts! A few days later I did my first workout and I knew this decision was a great one, and LONG overdue for myself. Since the first workout I have done several more, and I am so thankful for the amazing women I have been able to meet with. I have also done a virtual race with some of the women and will be doing my first real race with the group tomorrow!!

For many years I have held a perception that any groups or classes I could join would make me feel even worse about myself. I was intimidated by the classes and I had a fear that I would walk in and be the only person who has weight issues, or not as in shape as every one else, or I would make a fool of myself. I did a few classes back when I worked at a fitness center back in Chicago, but that was about 6 years ago. I have almost always worked out alone, or sometimes with one other person. I have been at my current gym for a little over 2 years, and back in December I finally took the plunge and walked into a Zumba class one night. I was SO nervous I felt like I was going to puke. I have to say that is was great decision that helped me get the nerve to do more classes and eventually to join the running group.

I have met amazing people in the running group as well as the classes. After doing Zumba I made some friends and one the girls in the class and I decided to try out the Body Pump class. I am SO hooked! I have met even more wonderful people and have made friends! It has been a fun journey and a blessing to my life in so many ways.

I am really glad I did not let my fear keep me back any longer. Are there any fears that you have overcome on your health and fitness journey? Fill me in! 🙂

~Chocolate Runner Girl~